Weekend Art Challenge – Australia

Welcome to our weekend challenge all about ‘Australia’. Thank you to Thakur Balbeer Singh who suggested we have a set of challenges all about travelling the world and so we started with Australia. You can see Thakur watercolour painting of a Kangaroo and baby below.

This theme has generated lots of amazing pieces of artwork. Our feature image today is by Vruti Mistry and if you would like to see the painting in full, scroll to the bottom of the page to see it in all its glory.

We love the painting by Pete Woolgar, such a happy Koala I’m sure everyone will agree! Vera’s Aborigine painting is stunning and Lisa Elms Red Earth is incredible. All of our students have created amazing paintings below and we really hope that you all enjoy viewing them.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a new theme for our next weekend challenge.

Thanks for the opportunity given through the weekend challenge, Australia.
If we think of Australia, first thing comes to mind is a beautiful Kangaroo. Here’s a Kangaroo with its baby. Baby with nipple in its mouth , just to add humor.
Thakur Balbeer Singh
Following the prompt of “Australia” and using gouache and sharpies on canvas.
This cute little one appeared and was hungry for some eucalyptus leaves!
Pete Woolgar
Hi, here is my contribution for this week-end’s challenge ‘Australia’, painted with acrylics on heavy weight paper.
Véra Jaouadi
Love the countries idea!  I was thinking of the lovely hot climate,  beaches and kangaroos  within an outline of the country, which was my inspiration this  week in contrast to our cold wintery climate at the moment !
Pauline Burke
Billycan: Rosalind Spilling, coloured pencils.
Australia! Of course Koala Bear and Tennis Australian Open!
Watercolor, watercolor pencils and Indian ink
Rose-Marie Biehlig
Attached is a watercolour sketch from the Sunshine Coast, Australia…….Now there’s a thought!
Norman Tharby
For the weekend challenge I have done a sketch of Daisy Kadibil, an Aboriginal Australian woman of the ‘Stolen Generations’. 
Rosie Hutchings. 
Australian wildfire watercolour, perhaps not one for the tourist brochure.
Rita Frost
I just looked through the images for this week’s challenge and got inspiration… Feel free to groan!
Aboriginal art is made by native people of Australia. Actually they had secret codes hidden in the art and used this art to communicate among them. Interesting.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Ran out of time for the weekend art challenge again! So I thought I’d do a quick ink and watercolour illustration but used the wrong ink and it ran. Oops! Never mind, I like the pattern on the sun.
Sophie Murphy
For the weekend challenge… painting of Sydney.
Shailaja Rathinavel
G’day at the beach. Watercolour
Weekend challenge..also a speed challenge.
Jackie Groves
Fun fact: duck-billed platypuses glow under UV light! They actually do! Well. Need I say more?
Annette Pfifferling Marti
Perfect Weekend Challenge for me – thank you – as Australia is where I grew up. Had fun re-creating my hometown, layering the Illawarra’s beaches & bushfires, coal seams & surf, native flora & birds (with a nod to illustrator May Gibbs). So… here’s my very personal Mt Keira collage.
Julie Smalley
I used acrylic colours for , weekend challenge “ Australia “three Australian kangaroos enjoying sunset and windmill.life is like a windmill,It goes round and round.
Bhawna Sinha
Here is my watercolour painting for the weekend challenge: Australia. I borrowed a travel photo of a friend of mine for inspiration.
Tiina Meurman
This is my postcard from Australia. Kangaroos at sunset. Hope to travel there soon! Pastels on coloured paper.
Mila Zinzen
Cyndi decided to do her bit for the challenge…
Audrey Quinton
Nina Phillips
Australia : My picture of Australia national flower The Golden Wattle and their bird Cockatoo.
Niamh Eldridge Barry
The red earth Winton, Queensland
Lisa Elms
I lived in Tassie for 6 months and it changed my life. This is Kunanyi’s Organ Pipes, as seen from Battery Point, Hobart. Obviously, its Summer, since there’s snow on the top! Gouache on paper.
Ruth Stirton
Thought I’d play with water colours and acrylic pens for this.
Lou Addison-Brown
I do so love this amazing country so thought I would share a few of my impressions! “Two Emus”
Lisa Elms
Finally finished this today… Photo sent by my brother who lives in Australia
Vruti Mistry

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