Merry Christmas

We hope that you all have a wonderful festive season, from all of us here at the London Art College. It has been a difficult year for everyone and we hope that 2021 will be a new fresh start for us all. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing today, enjoy your day.

Today’s Festive countdown is shared by two students. First is a beautiful watercolour by student Sarah Egerton and the second below is a lovely collection of reindeer by Jackie Groves.

Sarah Egerton

As well as the excitement of celebrating Christmas with my family, I love to take a regular walk in our local woods. Living in Switzerland, we are lucky to be almost guaranteed a flurry during the festive season.

There is no greater pleasure for me than taking an early morning walk in freshly fallen snow and to see the bright red flash of a robin as it checks me out – they are so brazen at times. Always a magical moment.

Wishing everyone a wonderfully creative Christmas and New Year!

Sarah Egerton

Jackie Groves

What Christmas is. A time for togetherness, a warm fuzzy feeling that reaches out to family and strangers alike. Christmas is in all, you can tell because everyone has lights in their eyes! This picture of reindeer in watercolour represents the individuals in my family and relatives altogether.

Merry Christmas to my London Art College tutors and fellow students for their continued support and encouragement. I look forward to receiving my diploma next year!

Jackie Groves

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