Weekend Challenge – Halloween

Welcome to our scariest challenge to date! We think our students enjoyed this one! Our featured image is by Barbara Schunk and we love it. So simple, yet striking. You can see the full image at the bottom of the blog post. Barbara said …..

“I don’t always have the time to participate, but I always enjoy the weekend challenges – this one too! “Come in my dear” is my small creepy contribution to the Halloween challenge”

We have to give a special mention to Dinah Barker for her amazing costume and scary makeup below. Isn’t it wonderful! Well done Dinah for a fantastic image. Might be a brilliant photo to paint or draw from too!

We really hope that you all love viewing the artwork, don’t get too scared viewing them! We hope that everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Stay tuned for the next challenge tomorrow!

Decided to do my weekend challenge artwork on my face!
Dinah Barker
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
I drew a Chinese style witch, with a baby ghost.
Hu Zete
A spooky spider web for this week!
Pauline Burke
Felt tip and pencil.
Lindsey Repton
This was my first illustration in black and white I did for the Sample
Brief 5  “creepy poem”. And I think it is also an illustration for Halloween. Black ink
Rose-Marie Biehlig
I decided to draw Corpse Bride by Tim Burton one of my favourite characters.
Charlotte Draper
Anisha Dilip
Halloween weekend challenge and Inktober Day 30, ‘ominous’. Phew, nearly there! 
Dionne Turnbull
Alexandria L. Prietama
here’s my grandson’s Halloween pumpkin, quite frightening with all these bats around it …
Véra Jaouadi
Did this yesterday for Inktober day 30 ‘ominous’ !!
Christine Pearson
Hi, this was the only mildly “Halloweeny” drawing I did in the last week: Friday’s “ominous” Inktober doodle while watching ‘Sarah Jane Adventures’ with the kids.
CJ Wright
I am loving these Weekend Challenges – they are so inspiring. Bringing a vampire bat with me this week (well, my version anyway) on the lookout for supper.
Sarah Egerton
For the weekend challenge, Halloween. Some time back I made this as a part of my assignment for D6 course. Wanted to share with you all. Thank you.
Thakur Balbeer Singh
Shailaja Rathinavel
Kate Amelia Haywood
Dorothy Robinson
Black ink and markers. I am not used to draw with markers, but I like it. Should do it more often.
Inga Berkensträter
Katherine Black
This is me as my favorite monster. A fresh zombie.
Chelsi Nicole
Happy Halloween 2020! What could be scarier than real life? Ink and watercolor collage on watercolor Munch reference.
Maya Hatsukano
For the weekend challenge… scary vampire girl.. happy Halloween everyone.
Shailaja Rathinavel
Jenny Laver
Lou Addison-Brown
Happy Halloween Everyone!
This girl’s had a bit of a fright tonight
Jackie Groves
Karan McKelvie
Just for fun, there’s a red(card) blood drop, a hand drawn pumpkin with the silhouette of a cat drawn in watercolour pencils. I’ve used a silver pen to draw the bats and outline the shapes in the blood drop. Foil card shapes and silver stars and Halloween stickers to finish off this piece of work.
Nina Phillips
Halloween challenge. Scared faces from assignment 6. Hidden these in the village as part of a pebble art group.
Rachel Pesterfield
Adjusted this today – originally for the children’s book illustration course. I added the centre shading and quote digitally to be extra Halloween-y.
Priscilla Hocking
‘Blue Moon, with Hat, Cat and Bats’. A just-in-time collage for the occasion: Halloween 2020.
Julie Smalley
Scary vampire for the weekend challenge, just a quick sketch but I really need my drawing fix this week.
Lynne Bagnall
Alfred Reid
The woman in the witch
The witch in the woman
Happy Halloween
Gelise McCullough
Ha ha! Came across this one in the archives. “Shall we go out or not?” Montana Gold spray acrylic on canvas board. Happy Halloween!!
Dave Smedley
OK I know it’s a chronic joke but I am near a beach in Spain and it gave me a chance to use a semi-transparent layer in GIMP…
Audrey Quinton
Khadiga Kadry
Happy Halloween too all the members!
Alfred Reid
I don’t always have the time to participate, but I always enjoy the weekend challenges – this one too! “Come in my dear” is my small creepy contribution to the Halloween challenge. 
Barbara Schunk

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  1. Wow! Wasn’t expecting that! Thanks and I shall have a go at painting it – some self portrait 😂

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