Weekend Art Challenge – Fireworks

Welcome to our sparkling weekend art challenge results. We have received some spectacular pieces of artwork this week from our theme of Fireworks.

Our featured image this week is by Latha Bhaduri Prabakar who said …”For my family, fireworks reminds us of festival of lights (diwali). It symbolises victory of good over evil. So let us hope we all in this world can overcome this evil virus.”

We love the way Latha has created this bold image with bright colours on a dark background and it really shines out. We also want to give a special mention to Beate’s artwork below, wonderful colours and a beautiful scene!

We hope that you enjoy viewing the dazzling paintings on our blog today and we hope that everyone stays tuned for our new challenge coming tomorrow!

My art work for the Weekend Art Challenge-Fireworks….
Beate Badenhorst
This is my drawing from one video I took during the amazing displays this weekend. I witnessed the event in Kingswood, Bristol.
Luiza Varovici
Great subject for this challenge!  I love all firework displays and bonfires too.  I have tried to re create some fireworks images by using coloured pastels on black card, painting over them with black paint, then when dry scratching images with a sharp pen nib to try and get colour through , scratch art!
Pauline Burke
Shailaja Rathinavel
For the weekend challenge…medium: acrylics… on Nov 14 we are celebrating Diwali in India. Diwali is festival of lights and full of fun, families get together and burst crackers together… cannot forget the variety of desserts to taste and enjoy…I really love to watch fireworks…on this Diwali season I really wanted fireworks theme for the weekend challenge but to my surprise that theme was announced…I really enjoyed painting fireworks for this weekend challenge…it gave me the festive feel. Advance Happy Diwali everyone
I hope I’m not too late for the fireworks weekend challenge. Here is my contribution. Drawn using Adobe Fresco on my iPad
Emma Phillips
Acrylic on Canvas
Maria Ei Zar
Fireworks for the weekend challenge.
Acrylic on canvas board using a pallette knife.
Jackie Groves
Happy Diwali – bringing art into my day job! As an international NGO we want to wish are partners a Happy Divali, instead of a photo or graphic I got the oil pastels out again!
Gelise McCullough
The colours and patterns are my favourite part of any display.
Lou Addison-Brown
Weekend challenge.
Water colour.
Bebe Kanter
Nothing more mesmerising than fireworks – but they are certainly challenging to draw- oil pastels
Gelise McCullough
‘Fireworks’ and ‘bonfire’
Chris Rye
I couldn’t watch the fireworks with my nieces and nephew this weekend so I thought I would draw them instead
Jenny Laver
‘Fireworks’ and ‘bonfire’
Chris Rye
A miasma of colour. My take on firework night pastel on pastelmat
Kathleen Miller
‘Fireworks’ and ‘bonfire’
Chris Rye
I did a real mixed media piece this weekend. I drew the castle and fireworks with water coloured pencils, some glitter to give the sparkle affect. The castle was outlined with a silver pen, some foil card shapes and just for a bit of fun I added some beads.
Nina Phillips
Firework lights in the sky – weekend challenge
Khadiga Kadry
For my family, fireworks reminds us of festival of lights(diwali). It symbolises victory of good over evil. So let us hope we all in this world can overcome this evil virus.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar

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