Weekend Art Challenge – Toadstools

Welcome to this week results of the art challenge we recently set all about Toadstools. The object this week was for students to be creative with the brief and they could use any medium and have fun with the idea.

Our stunning featured image today is by new student Karan McKelvie and her toadstool painting is absolutely superb, so full of atmosphere and texture. We love the way the concentration of red colours are in the bottom left, allowing a large part of the painting to be natural hues allowing the eye to draw down to the toadstools. Karan said….

Recently joined the London Art college, doing fantasy illustration. Heres my week end art challenge mushrooms.

Karan McKelvie

We have received so many wonderful paintings and drawings. Megans fantasy painting below is adorable, we love Ian’s pen and ink study and Luiza’s beautiful coloured pencil study is exquisite.

Everyone has done extremely well and again another huge pat on the back to those who entered. Its all fantastic practice in helping improve your skills as an artist and learning to work to a brief too. Stay tuned, a new challenge coming tomorrow!

Things shouldn’t always be taken too literally – as I suspect this creature is finding to his cost. Don’t think he’s made any friends, do you?
Julie Smalley
I’ve loved taking part in this weekend art challenge!! Pushing me to think outside the box & do something a little different Acrylic paint on a 20×25 canvas
Megan Wright 
My attempt at this weekends challenge, I love drawing things from nature.
Ian Dance
The first picture (in colour pencil) is from reference photo on Flickr and the second below is an outdoor watercolour exercise I did this Tuesday in Kingswood Park.
Thank you for challenging me to look for mushrooms! It was a true adventure!
Luiza Varovici
Here is my effort for the weekend art challenge, toadstools. It is in acrylic paint with a watercolour background. It was a nice way to spend a cold, windy Sunday afternoon.
Helen Turner
Janki Sanghavi
Watercolor and watercolorpencils
Rose-Marie Biehlig
Pencil drawing of a fungus photo I took this month in Lake district.
Lindsey Repton  
Loved the toadstool subject and enjoyed the colours and textures!
Pauline Burke
Luiza Varovici
This was inspired by a photo of my own. I think it is honey fungus.
Susan Zajaczkowska
Big Mushroom in damp forest …used acrylics as medium
Shailaja Rathinavel
My painting for the weekend art challenge …I used acrylics as medium…this is a imaginary green forest with beautiful toadstools and butterfly
Shailaja Rathinavel
Here is my little pastel painting for this week-end’s art challenge: toadstools After a long summer break I am very happy to be back again in this nice and friendly group.
Véra Jaouadi
Christine Borrows
My art work for the weekend art challenge “Toadstools”. Thank you!
Thakur Balbeer Singh
just finished my weekend challenge, I started with one toadstool and few days later a magical kingdom with tiny fairies and grumpy bear appeared.
Elena Statham
Charlotte Draper
First ever submission to the weekend challenges!
Cerys Chandler
Freestyle fungi for the weekend challenge. At least this one fits the brief!
Lynne Bagnall
My entry for this weeks challenge!
Chris Rye
Dóra Birgis
Still experimenting with pastels
Kathleen Miller
Weekend challenge..
Toadstools with its bright and red colour generally appears in fairytales.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
For this weeks weekend challenge I added in a fairy and a mole alongside with some mushrooms. Just thought I’d have a bit of fun this week.
I’ve used watercolour and skin tone pencils.
Nina Phillips
Katja Felbel
Captain Toadie entering the #weekendchallenge
Lou Addison-Brown
Just started as a student but I’m stuck at work this weekend so I don’t have the opportunity to do something for this weekend. Not strictly a Fungii piece but I just wanted to contribute something. I did this as an exercise about 3 years ago.
Blue Moon Faerie. Montana Gold spray acrylic on foam card (A3).
Dave Smedly
Bebe Kanter
Here is my mixed media painting of mushrooms for the week end challenge.  It’s done in mainly acrylics with a little gel pen writing on top. Fantasy illustration course.
Karan McKelvie

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