Weekend Art Challenge – Orange

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge results. What an absolutely fantastic theme this week. Perfect for autumn – the colour orange! It has produced some amazing results and some very creative ideas from our students.

The featured image this week is bold, bright and right on point! It screams orange and we love it. It is by student Barbara Shunk and is called – ‘Just orange!’

One of our favourite pieces this week is by student Pauline Burke who has created the carrot painting below. Pauline has been doing our challenges without fail from the very beginning. Each week and month that goes by Paulines artwork is becoming more skilled and proficient. It proves that by being creative constantly, stepping outside your comfort zone with different and varied briefs, it can really help you become a well rounded artist. Well done Pauline!

We hope that you enjoy viewing the artwork below. The next challenge is something a little different. Stay tuned!

Some 9 “carat” carrots!  For the weekend challenge 
Love orange such a happy, autumnal, halloweenish colour!
Pauline Burke
It was a great fun to paint with the color orange so I did two different
watercolor of our garden’s nasturtium (Latin word: Tropaeolum).
Watercolor, masking fluid and black ink.
Rose-Marie Biehlig
‘The colour Orange’ I think this one is self explanatory!
Oils on board
Dorothy Robinson
After a busy-spell I had time to paint something for the art challenge again. This is my attempt in soft pastels of an orange bell pepper.
Lydia W
Yay we both have orange hair!
Lisa Elms
Annette de la Cruz
Lindsey Repton
About this week challenge.
I think the light in night flush the home with orange, family member make the room warm .So I took a photo about my boyfriend, when he laid down on the bed with striped quilt by the lamp ,and draw the scene in the abstract way by watercolor. I asked his opinion about the picture when I finish it , He said that it looked like an insect.
Hu Zete
This is for the weekend challenge … painting of fish.. Used water colour as medium
Weekend challenge – orange sunset!
Iryna Labunska
Orange is a bright colour and it makes us feel energetic.I have posted a picture which I did few years ago in acrylics.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
My autumnal/orange woodland done in acrylic
Andrea Williams
Little birds in watercolour for the orange themed Weekend Challenge
Jackie Groves
Turks Cap Squash in Watercolour
Anthea Post
Khadiga Kadry
Majestic, orangey ‘Bird-of-Paradise’ flowerhead, photographed in Madeira, and pretty much rendered as seen. BUT please read them as graceful bottom left – and not goofy bottom right!!
Julie Smalley
Audrey Quinton
For the weekend challenge, my “orange” fox
Christine Borrows
Orange !! the weekend challenge do enjoy trying something new ! watercolour, plus Brusho which had been in the cupboard for ages.
Gwen Reavley
My entry for the weekend challenge, trying oils again.
Chris Rye
Orange ginger..
Color pencils on paper
Alexandria L. Prietama
Weekend art challenge a chubby ginger “orange?” cat.
Elizabeth Robinson
Orange : suiboku-ga on rice washi paper with Japanese inks
In Japan Persimmon or Kaki a symbol of Autumn also has meaning of transformation and change, I thought combinations of orange Kaki and golden bamboo would cover perfectly this season and colour.
Elena Statham
Weekend challenge, the colour orange. Oil on canvas 12″ X 16″
Gill Barratt
I didn’t get a chance to finish last week’s toadstools so instead of the delicate mushroom pink I decided to turn them orange for this week’s challenge instead! Pastels.
Dinah Barker
Weekend Art Challenge in Acrylic “Who Stomped on Happiness?”. Completed on Pastelmat pastel paper this rainy afternoon.
Carole Busby
Orange autumn leaf
Helen Acosta
Audrey Quinton
Audrey Quinton
Dave Smedley
Shiela Brown
Weekly challenge … the colour orange …. my beautiful granddaughter Ellie
Gill Brook
Technically this is nude art, with emphasis on artistry that is all around us through energy, thought, and movement.
Pastel on paper.
Justin Robinson
Weekend art challenge “orange” and doubled up with inktober day four prompt “radio” which inspired me to create this picture of Freddie Mercury singing “Radio Gaga” bathed in the orange-y glow of the stage lights. Vector drawing created in fresco.
Emma Phillips
Does my orange (red) cocker spaniel count for this week’s art challenge?
Dylan F Jeskye
Weekend challenge… the colour orange, just right for the time of year !
Christine Pearson
Lou Addison-Brown
Orange and as it’s October so it had to be pumpkins! This was done tonight in ink, glass dip pen and a brush. Whilst the writing isn’t perfect but I’m happy with the pumpkin.
Charlotte Draper
Acrylic paint .
Bebe Kanter
The colour Orange….Some time back I made this line and wash watercolor painting of marigold flower. I would like to share this with you all.
Thakur Balbeer Singh
Weekend challenge – watercolour
Gelise McCullough
I used my son as model for this cute Fairy. Procreate on iPad
Elena Statham
Weekend art challenge, a little bit orange Ringo Starr (A part of a Beatle art I am creating for my living room wall)
Dóra Birgis
Just orange 🙂
Barbara Shunk

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