Weekend Art Challenge – Tigers

Welcome to our latest weekend art challenge all about Tigers! What a stunning array of magnificent creatures we have to show this week.

Our featured image is shared this week by Elena Statham, who’s artwork is on the left and Sarah Louise Amit who’s wet in wet watercolour close up of a tigers eye on the right. Both paintings are stunning and you can see them in full in the post below.

Also special mention to Pauline Burke who has created a pastel drawing of a Tiger called Amber. It is the first image below, so delicately drawn – well done Pauline!

Congratulations to all of the students who took part this week. Plus a big welcome all of our new students who have taken part in our weekly challenges this week.

Drop back here or head on over to our facebook page tomorrow to find out what the new challenge is! As Julie Smalley said in her tiger pic below..

‘”A focus on the tiger’s eyes, they said. OK. If it’s for a LAC Weekend Challenge, then let’s do it!”

We are thrilled our students love the challenges so much. Keep up the great work everyone!!

This one in pencil is called Amber
Pauline Burke
‘A focus on the tiger’s eyes’, they said. OK. If it’s for a LAC Weekend Challenge, then let’s do it!
Julie Smalley
The biggest cat I’ve ever sketched for the weekend Tiger challenge
Mila Zinzen
My tiger effort Drawn from the same animal just taking in the morning air. Pastel on velour paper.
Sheila Brown
Watercolor, watercolor pencils, artist pen black, collage.
Not good but I had fun! (admin edit – we love it!!)
Gill Hamill
Sumatran Tiger in Pastel Pencils, taken from my own reference photo from the Welsh Mountain Zoo. Faber Castell Pitt Pastels on Pastelmat, approx 12″ x 9″
Brian Pearson
Hu Zete
Weekend Challenge – Tiger
Gouache, watercolour and white pastel
Jackie Groves
Tiger. Second attempt with pastels and pastel pencils
Emma Jane Knowles
Weekend challenge using Procreate on the iPad
Sam Croyle
My dip pen and ink tiger, used one of the photos provided for reference.
Chris Rye
Wet on wet watercolour, nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Sarah Louise Amit
Hello Everyone! I’m studying children’s illustrations. This is my second trial of the weekend art challenge- Tiger. It’s not easy to draw a tiger but this was my first drawing & painting of a tiger, I enjoyed it.
Hyeyoung Jess
Loved this weekend challenge using Patel pencils again !!
Gwen Reavley
This was done a while ago, been neglecting my art for past few months but starting to get back on track. Paul if you’re looking I’m in the middle of my final assignment – I haven’t disappeared, honest!
Debbie Birt
Weekend challenge: tiger. Chinese ink, collage in Procreate
Elena Statham
I am trying more in pencils now.I love this medium.
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Weekend challenge – just finished this one although for some reason I thought it was a lion challenge not a tiger.
Charlotte Draper
Quick tiger sketch. Just got new pens so enjoying them!
Sazzer Bee
Weekend challenge tiger used water colours.
Lavina Gonsalves
I did this portrait of a tiger with coloured pencils.
Nina Phillips
Liz Browne
Is this a 1 or 10?
Not Gonna..
Make it.
Justin Robinson
Denise Dancer
My contribution to the weekend challenge, painted in oils on canvas board. Really enjoyed this one! ‘Just a Pussycat…’
Dorothy Robinson

This work is done by charcoal and graphite pencils Sri Lankan leopard
Sanduni Beddage
Khadiga Kadry
Josefine Georgine
Had a go at the weekend art challenge with alcohol markers, a pretty new medium for me!
Theresa Haworth
Denise Dancer

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