Weekend Art Challenge – Northern Lights

Welcome to a beautiful selection of Northern Lights artwork from our recent weekend art challenge. We have received some stunning and very creative artwork from our students this week.

Our featured image today was created by student Rebecca Blake and you can see both the painting and a photo Rebecca took in full, at the bottom of this page. Rebecca said……

The painting was a happy accident which had to include the northern lights, done with acrylics, oil pastels, chalk and gold leaf.

What a stunning painting with lots of texture and feeling.

We also love the delicate and soft pastel that Pauline has created below. Pauline has blended the colours of the northern lights together beautifully and into the background with the stars too. Absolutely stunning.

Everyone here should be thrilled with their achievements and a big hello to our new students who have submitted for the first time too. Keep up the create work everyone!

New challenge on its way tomorrow!

I loved the idea of the northern lights! Tried  black paper and pastels but found it hard to get a fluorescent green effect! Enjoyed it anyway and look forward to the blog to see how it can be done!
This is my first trial for the Weekend Art Challenge on the Northern Lights with watercolour paints.
Hyeyoung Jess
1Painted in “interactive acrylic” on watercolour paper.
Sheila Brown
This is my painting of nordic lights in winter scenery for a change.
Barbara  Dereka
This is my contribution to the Weekend Challenge – Northern Lights.
Lill Brodersen
Colored Pencil with a little bit of ball point pen and chalk
Ada Toth
My contribution to ‘ Northern Lights’ Challenge. Oils on canvas.
Dorothy Robinson
Weekend Challenge – I didn’t have time to finish this piece as it is in oils which doesn’t dry quickly but I hope to finish it soon. I was supposed to go to Iceland at the end of June this year but my trip got cancelled. This is like painting somewhere unknown of which I still can’t wait to visit.
Anna Charlotte Janke
God’s painting is aurora borealis.I could not do it properly.Just a try..
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
Title – The Northern Light and The Pine Tree
Media – GIMP
 Sally S
‘NL’… A crowd of hopefuls is disappointed. But at least it’s a starry, starry night, so they’re ‘ Not Losers’. Wax crayon on coloured Canford paper.
Julie Smalley
This weekend project – Northern Lights. Watercolour and marker
Charlotte Draper
My Northern Lights. Pastel on coloured paper. Enjoyed drawing it!
Mila Zinzen
Didn’t do this at the weekend for the challenge, but on a Bob Ross instructor course, a few years ago. Oils on canvas, of course.
Maria Moon
Hopefully a photo is ok for the weekend challenge – I was going to do a painting of it, but so just have too much going on this weekend. I took this last fall in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was my first time seeing or photographing the northern lights. I was so excited!
Connie Hohman Berry
Weekend Challenge.
Northern lights oil on canvas board.
Jackie Groves
Hi all, here’s my version of Northern Lights which was done digitally. Happy weekend 🙂
Tim Hsieh
Northern lights. Quick sketch. Thanks for the advice in the instructions.
Helen Jaeger
For the Northern lights I used a base card with different shades of blue. Oil pastels were used and I used my fingers to smudge the colours together. The edge of a ruler was used to separate some of the colours to give a slightly uneven effect.
Nina Phillips
Northern lights. In Finnish they are called revontulet: fox fires.
Tiina Meurman
Above & Below
My attempt at the weekend challenge ‘ Northern Lights by a Northern Lad’. Really hoping to see this phenomenon for real one day. Original in watercolour + Photoshop embellished version added also.
Chris Rye
Chris Rye
The first painting was a happy accident which had to include the northern lights, done with acrylics, oil pastels, chalk and gold leaf.
The photo is one I took whilst in Tromso, Norway in 2016. I was lucky enough to spend 3 months in Finland and spent a long weekend in Norway at the right time with camera at the ready.
Thank you
Rebecca Blake

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