Weekend Art Challenge – Butterflies

Welcome to the beautiful results of our latest weekend art challenge – all about butterflies! Our students have excelled themselves this week and created some very delicate and colourful paintings and drawings. Well done to everyone who took part!

Our feature image this week is by student Rose-Marie Biehlig, depicting her art materials with watercolour pencils and watercolour paints and pallet. Lovely artwork and impressive setup Rose-Marie!

We also have to give a big shout out to Habiba Roushdy who is enrolled on our children’s drawing course. Her butterfly below is absolutely superb!!

Stay tuned for our next art challenge coming tomorrow. We think its going to be one that you will all love!!!

My daughters drawing weekend challenge butterflies
Khadiga Kadry / Habiba Roushdy
I have attached the A4 graphic of butterflies I created over the weekend. This time something different. I always use acrylics but the theme inspired me to do something different and I used colour brush pens. 
Barbara Dereka
I used watercolour paints, I had a lot of fun painting the butterfly.
Sania Shazad
An ancient Chinese philosopher ZhuangZi wrote a story about butterfly : Once upon a time , He had a dream , he turned into a butterfly in the dream and flied freely and happily in the dreamland . ZhuangZi said that he became confused when he waked up,He don’t know whether ZhuangZi turn into a butterfly in the dream or a butterfly turn into ZhuangZi in it’s dream.
I draw this picture based on the story.
Zu Hete
Thank you for another challenge that made me look up for the butterflies while painting outdoors! The first one was done the week prior to the challenge, but the last two and many others were done while looking at the insects and butterflies showing up.
Luiza Varovici
A watercolour completed a little while ago
Susan Cardozo
Khadiga Kadry
Khadiga Kadry
Weekend butterfly challenge. I’m more skilled at drawing than painting but trying to master watercolours. This was done with Indian ink and watercolours from a reference photo of my own.
Susan Zajaczkowska
My illustration on the theme of butterflies. A joy-bringer for me, not least because of their sheer, detailed beauty. This is something I know a lot more about now, as observation precedes practice. Long Live Our Weekend Challenge!
Julie Smalley
My entry for this weekend’s challenge – Butterfly. Watercolour, pen and pencils.
Elaine Feast
Butterfly mood weekend challenge. For this colourful creature I had to use even an eye pencil to make black look real black on coloured paper (nothing else helped)! Then I cut it out and put on water colours background drawing.
Mila Zinzen
My butterfly is a bit late -but he is happy
Denise Dancer
Used watercolour to paint the butterfly. First time I used the watercolour.
Lavina Gonsalves
My butterfly, I drew this a few weeks ago for the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust Postcard Show to help raise money for the trust to help local wildlife.
Heidi Elizabeth
Butterfly sunning itself on corrugated iron. I wanted to see if I could capture some of the powdery fragility they have and contrast it on a hard surface. Off centre, because isn’t that always the way with butterflies – unexpectedly in your path for a moment!
Helen Jaeger
Washington paper and Sumie inks. I used wet on wet techniques.
Elena Statham
Weekend Challenge – butterfly
Kirstie Baker
Weekend challenge helped with my botanical course watercolour on hot pressed paper
Gwen Reavley
Magdalena Anna Piwowarczyk
This is my first time entering one of the weekend challenges. I am doing the illustration course. I do most of my drawing on the iPad. I also create animated illustrations for fun. The still picture of the British peacock butterfly was drawn on my iPad using an Apple Pencil in the adobe fresco app and is my entry for the challenge. I am also sharing my little animated illustration of what it feels like to emerge from shielding using the life cycle of the butterfly to explain, as that is the reason why I drew this butterfly in the first place.
Meditation in the beach with butterflies.just an imaginary scenario!
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
For this weekends challenge I used Crayola pencils.
Ian Dance
Weekend art challenge, butterflies. Watercolour and a bit of gouache.
Jackie Groves
I decided to challenge myself for this weekend challenge and used watercolor which I never do! It was so much fun and I will for sure try it again!
Ada Toth
Weekend art challenge not perfect but my hand is hurting and it’s nearly 12.30am I used castle arts soft series pencils for this piece xx
Natalie Taylor
For this weekend challenge I’ve chosen some pretty butterfly stickers along with a complimenting background. I’ve some pretty background paper. So I matched the gold butterflies with a pink/ purple blended backing paper and the silver butterflies with a blend of different shades of blue. Just thought I’d be a little different this week.
Nina Phillips
‘Butterfly, flutterby’ my submission for his weeks challenge, main objective – vibrant watercolour!
Chris Rye
Weekend challenge. Butterfly broach. Pen and pencil crayons.
Patricia Clarke
I took a photo of this lovely butterfly in my garden a few weeks ago. Watercolor and watercolor-pencils.
Rose-Marie Biehlig

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