Welcome to this weeks art challenge results from the theme ‘Summer’! This theme has generated some amazing pieces of artwork, our students have been very creative in expressing what summer means to them.

Our featured image today is by Pet Portrait Diploma student Dora Birgis and it is a photograph taken of a bumble bee on a flower. It is simply beautiful!

We would also like to welcome our new students to the challenges who have submitted this week, we have a few who have emailed and posted their artwork on our Facebook Group for this challenge. We hope that you have enjoyed it – there is always something new to create each week, a great platform to learn along with your peers.

The new challenge will be on it’s way soon. Something very creative to get the imagination running wild! Stay tuned!!

I’d like to send you my picture “summer”. I had very much fun by the imagination, how flys would prefer a perfect summer day.
Katja Felbel
Hollyhocks and butterflies in watercolour.
Sarah Louise Amit
This is my Summer. Oil on unprimed canvas. I really enjoyed applying oil with a palette knife!
Mila Zinzen
My little summer monster for the weekend challenge “summer”.
Viola Oesterlin
I have just signed up for the Illustration in children’s books Diploma.
Summer- Here is a quick sketch of us enjoying summer in true British style under umbrellas in the rain!!
Charlotte Draper
I used markers in both of these, one is a copy from Friz Freleng’s Pink Panther (found a later Pink Panther episode on the beach), and one is a postponed ‘strawberry challenge’, with a first made-by-me jam of strawberry & raspberry. 
Luiza Varovici
This is my very first acrylic painting on canvas. I’m covering the C7 Portrait Painting Course. This one is done to the theme of weekend challenge.
Sanduni Beddage
“Soaking up the Sun”
A few quick fashion illustrations depicting swimwear… it’s truly summer when we put a bikini on and soak up the sun.
Beckie Andrews
Cocktail, Watercolour Acrylic paints. I enjoyed doing this weekend challenge it’s my first painting for this challenge.
Sania Shazad
For me summer equals water and lots of opportunities to spend time on the boat, skuba diving or simply snorkelling.
I painted me and my husband chasing turtles (we’ve seen till now sharks, dolphins, seals, lots of marine life but not turtles).
Barbara Derecka
For the latest challenge of  summer I couldn’t choose just one scene so I have a summer medley of things I love about summer! I have used some pastel pencils as well.
Pauline Burke
My drawing from magic summer garden.
Ania Lebiedzka
My try with the Summer
Małgosia Kobylec
Summer, rain drops on roses, ice cream and strawberries, watermelon and cherries, swimming in warm sea, kites flying high up in the sky , brown paper packages tied up with strings…. These are a few of my favourite things
Elena Statham
My take on summer first ever coloured pencil drawing!
Vicki Watkins
Helen Jaeger
A little acrylic painting I did a while ago. An Australian summer.
Lisa Elms
Partial Summer
Denise Dancer
Weekend challenge: Summer ( beach sand and starfish)
Khadiga Kadry
Not sure if it totally fits this challenge but the colours were definitely inspired by the blooming the summer flowers outside. Have loved seeing everyone’s take on the weekend challenge again. Here’s mine, mixed media on canvas “Old Bone China Birds” in summer colours 30 x 30cm
Kirsi Salo
In our place when summer comes our search for water begins…
Latha Bhaduri Prabakar
The reality…
Helen Jaegar
Summer in the park. Victoria Park, Bath, a quick sketch in pen and wash.
Rita Frost
Weekend Challenge Summer. A swiftly done pastel of a walk through buttercup fields.
Dinah Barker
My favourite summers flowers, fragrant, elegant and inspiring. Early morning in my garden last Saturday.
Iryna Labunska
I don’t know why but this one seemed to take me ages…anyway, SUMMER has finally arrived.
Audrey Quinton
I did this collage during lockdown. The backing paper to me looked like a beautiful summer’s day effect. I had some summer style plain and glitter stickers. It was made to cheer others up on lockdown.
Nina Phillips
‘Summer’ super quick doodle on my phone and just my fat finger!
Chris Rye
Iryna Labunska
Yorkshire dales. Oil on wood panel. 30 by 40 cms
Shankar N Kashyap
Summer is all about color to me! Loud, bright and all over the place. This image was done in Procreate (iPad, apple pencil)
Ada Toth
My idea of summer for the weekend challenge
Gwen Reavley
Summer – whippy ice cream
Kirstie Baker
My favourite pass time: Chilling by the river.
Oils on canvas board
Dorothy Robinson
Whenever I think of summer the first thing comes in my mind is Mangoes. During summer in India, a time rife with the intense heat and the blissful aroma of mangoes looping through the corners of possibly every household across the country. And I just love it.
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
I wasn’t too happy with yesterday’s attempt so here’s version 2:
Drippy ice cream! Acrylic paint.
Shamina Chowdhury
The star of all my summers – ice cream! Oil pastels.
Shamina Chowdhury
Abstract watercolour, hot colours remind me of the summer
Jackie Groves
A slightly different summer’ dip pen and felt tip colour markers.
Chris Rye
A day at the beach watercolour
Diane Field
My interpretation of ‘summer’ flower and background in water colour, butterfly water colour and pencil. I’ve been struggling with water colours but am quite happy with this one.
Lynne Bagnall
Summer -sunflowers with oil pastels
Patricia Clarke
Dóra Birgis

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