Welcome to the results of our latest weekend art challenge. We set students the task of choosing to draw or paint anything that involved warm colours. We were once again delighted with the creativity that our students have shown this week.

We felt our feature image today (above) was very striking. A wonderful style and design depicting the theme of warm colours beautifully. Well done Barbara Schunk!

We would also like to say a warm welcome to Dora Birgis who is on our photography course. Doris has sent in a beautiful photo of a bubble on a flower showing so many warm colours which you can see below. We are always happy to hear from our photography students – if students on other courses would like to send in photos for our challenges, they are welcome to.

Also a special mention to Vera Jaouadi who continued the Panda theme from last week and created a wet in wet wash of warm colours behind her black paper cutout. We love that Vera has bought two weeks of themes together. Well done Vera!

Well done to everyone, some amazing pieces here – you should all be really pleased with yourselves!!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next challenge!!

Dóra Birgis‎
Beckie Andrews
Véra Jaouadi
My take on the warm colours – weekend challenge, I finished this actually few weeks ago but it just suited to this challenge so perfectly. I always thought kind of August harvest type warm colours when painting it!
Kirsi Salo‎
Actually, I don’t know what I am trying to show in this drawing ,maybe just follow the influence of my mind , and try to find the balance between color and shape .
I was always trying to find the cold shape under the warm color this week.
Enchanted night garden.
Helen Jaeger
I tried to do some marbling with tester paint pot colours red, yellow and orange! There was a lot of trial and error but was a good experience !
Pauline Burke
Table of Warm Colours. Acryl on paper.
Petra Trokanová
Warm colours! Yay I have actually managed to do a new piece for this, using all those yellow, pink, and orange test posts of house paint I have sitting around. Some dead lilies in my garden (it’s the beginning of winter here in NZ today). It turned out a little different than planned after I accidentally blobbed a blob of bright yellow on to it, then starting daubing it over my carefully drawn lilies, then had to rescue them from the background! I think it turned out a lot more interesting that way, than my rather pedestrian first attempt.
Astrid Nielsch‎
Here is my ‘Sunny’ portrait for Warm Colours Challenge. Pastel on paper.
Mila Zinzen
Actually I was trying to draw utensils when the weekend  challenge topic was sent.so I thought of sending the same.
Latha Prabakar 
Just playing with gimp on the weekend theme and came up with this from my latest graphite pencil portrait!
Chris Rye
Elena Borisova
My take on the weekend challenge – The Lion of Judah Basking In Glory.
Spring Dawn
I have just finished this coursework for my painting and drawing diploma, line and wash (water colour). I think it falls mostly into the warm colours category for this week’s challenge.
Dylan F Jeske
A digital drawing made as part of one of my Assignments of my Digital Illustration Course.
Victoria Moreno
Ruth Stirton
This is a painting in progress of my daughter …. as yet unfinished but thought I’d add at this stage on account of the warm colours.
Gill Brook
Weekend challenge warm colours
Hot air balloons with watercolours and the other with oil pastels n paint.
Patricia Clarke
This is my piece for this week called ‘Hope’. Done with Sennelier oil pastels . Hope you can see the iridescence streaks.
Anisha Marshal
I’m sending 2 pictures to this weekend challenge – a warm sunset and a summer flowers. I hope you enjoy them as I enjoyed painting them.
Iryna Labunska
I don’t know if this is allowed, because I am new to the College and the page, and this is one I completed earlier, but it does satisfy the specification’ warm colours’.
‘Where Is Love….?’ ( Oils on canvas board )
Dorothy Robinson
Tony Burger
One of my favourite (water) colours – Indian Red.
Audrey Quinton
Warm Colours
Aneesha B Shailza
Raffaella Somma
A Warm sunset, one of my first ever water colours
Liz Browne
Kandi Tracey
I’ve been attempting my first try at water mixable oils/oils in general!! It also happens to fit in well with the warm colours theme!!
Nicola Young
A clear-winged moth or Sesia Apiformis in colored pencil.
Chelsi Nicole
This weekend challenge, sumie on gold paper, with haiku about yin and yang.
Elena Statham
Here’s my effort for Warm Challenge
Martin Gibbons
Weekend Art Challenge…Always surprising what you can find on an Autumn walk.
Anthea Post
Could not resist the warm colours of a sunset
Nina Phillips
Jackdaw at sunset in watercolour for the weekend art challenge – Warm Colours
Jackie Groves
Mainly warm!
Emma Miller
Chris Rye
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade‎
Khadiga Kadry
Josefine Georgine
I took pictures in my garden… opened an instagram account Judith Reinke 
to being creative … maybe I will do later on the course photography
These tulips I grew for the first time in a pot in my/our garden.
Judith Reinke
Barbara Schunk

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