Welcome to our latest art challenge where we asked our students to set about creating a ‘triptych’ as our weekend challenge. A Triptych is a set of three pieces of artwork with a theme running through them, or an image connecting the three.

Our feature image today is by student Gill Brook which you can see above. Simply stunning, extremely well painted (acrylic) and absolutely fabulous! We hope you all agree!

We would also like to give a very warm welcome to a new student Leonie Bosse who has created a fabulous triptych which you can see below. It flows so well from the first scene to the last. Stunning! Well done Leonie.

There are so many wonderful paintings this week. We love Rose-Maries fabulous art material related painting with all of its beautiful wet in wet washes and we adore Pauline Burkes Pink Cadillac! We especially like Dora’s Owls too!

We hope that you have enjoyed learning about Triptychs and creating them for this weeks challenge. We have another very exciting challenge coming tomorrow. Something different for you to learn about! Stay tuned!!

In this triptych the mighty T-Rex realises that it peaked millions of years ago and its future and past aren’t as bright as its present. Poor guy! Thank you for putting the prompt together and organising this challenge 🙂
Leonie Bosse 
Watercolor, watercolor pencils, color pencils and Indian ink.
I enjoyed the challenge this week it was very different and an interesting challenge!  I used pencil and found it a challenge dividing one picture into three was a good thinking challenge!
Pauline Burke
Weekend Art Challenge, mixed media owls!
Dóra Birgis
It’s inspired by the work of a local illustrator called Hattie Clark 
Instagram @hattieclark_   I have used sugar paper and black all over prints created in Adobe Illustrator, which I printed onto coloured paper and chopped into geometric shapes.
Beckie Andrews
After I finish my lessons of the flowers, Mr weaver suggested that I should observe and draw more from life. I bought some roses and made a set of practise based on these flowers in the plastic bottle. I choose three pieces of these watercolor, arrange them as triptych for this weekend challenge. I love the painting by Simon Dinnerstein so much.
Luiza Varovici‎
Here is my weekend challenge for this week ‘triptych’. Different moments of the day. Coloured pencil on paper. June 2020
Victoria Moreno
This is my contribution to the weekend challenge, in watercolor. 
Iryna Labunska
Very quick entry for this weekend’s triptych challenge.
Ruth Stirton
Weekend challenge triptych. My apartment. It’s my first assignment in Oil Painting Course, submitted last week.
Elena Borisova
Here’s my contribution to the triptych challenge, “The the spring garden” mix media with inks and acrylic on canvas, each 20 x 50cm. Recently have completely fallen in love with line work in inks so let’s see where it leads to on longer term.
Kirsi Salo‎
 Inspired by my cat Gracie from colored pencils.
Chelsi Nicole
Here is my contribution to this week-end’s art challenge. I’ve used black and grey felt pen and watercolour.
Véra Jaouadi
I did this drawing of Sydney Opera House. I used a fine tip black pen to draw the opera house. I divided it up into three parts. Morning, afternoon and nighttime. Watercolour pencils were used to to do the skylines and water. For the stars and moon I used tippex.
Nina Phillips
A triptych (sort of) that I created from our first children’s book illustration assignment….
Ethne Dian
My triptych from a few years ago which I gifted as a baby shower gift. I hope it fits the theme!
Shamina Chowdhury‎
Weekend Challenge Triptych: my Bermuda inspired painting in acrylic!
Liz Browne‎
Aha, new weekend challenge. I happen to have made a triptych a while ago. Acrylics on box canvas. 
Dylan F Jeske
Lost in the woods. Weekend challenge triptych.
Helen Jaeger‎
Khadiga Kadry
My entry for this weekend challenge is a cryptic triptych entitled ‘Herringbone’ which is a CGI created using sketchup and vray.
Chris Rye
Medieval triptych, modern message. Fun with frames… and something flighty.
Julie Smalley
I painted this a while ago as a tribute to my favourite place growing up (Whitby where I used to visit my grandparents every summer). It features 3 of the most iconic parts of this beautiful place
Kirstie Baker
Here’s a triptych of Josephine Baker! Made this a little while ago but thrilled to share it for the weekend’s challenge. It would’ve been her birthday just a few days ago. Incredible dancer, incredible life, and so much fun to draw.
Katie Stotter
I did this some while ago but am too busy trying to finish my coursework to do anything new. This is done in gouache and pastel pencil. It looks rather grainy as I had to drawer the curtains to try and cut out the reflections on the glass!
Dinah Barker
I have done this art a few months ago for a gift.I was amazed to see this topic as weekend challenge.
This triptych I did a couple of years ago. The Bathing pools. Oil on canvas
Shiela Brown
Tryptich: this is a series of fantasy themed oil paintings I did for a show in Wellington some years ago, shortly after completing the Sci-Fi& Fantasy course. They weren’t really planned as a triptych but lots of people assumed that they were, they do work out that way!
Astrid Nielsch‎
I thought my quadruple set can cover this weekend’s challenge, I did it while ago for my son’s bedroom, watercolor on canvas. Although the baby on a bottom left not quite as I intended, my older son called it baby Thor😝 perhaps I can edit it on my iPad to make it look more like my little one! The idea was to have day and night to teach little one when it’s time to sleep and time to play!
Weekend challenge: a quadriptych – acrylic on canvas. I do not expect to have time for this weekend’s challenge -I am first line worker – I will present this one now. I practised a few techniques and I did not enjoy the outcome but I tried to make changes to give a lovely finish to the “artwork”.I would not call this a professional finish. Any advice is highly appreciated.
Carmen VB
So here’s my triptych effort for the weekend challenge … a triple self portrait in 3 different moods using acrylics.
Gill Brook

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