Ian Dance, a student from the Learn to Draw Course has created two lovely drawings in pen. Tutor Monika Cilmi was delighted with his work and we are thrilled to be able to show them on the blog today.

The still life drawing has an accompanying image where Ian took a photo of his still life set up for his tutor to view which we felt was interesting to compare the drawing with the scene Ian worked from. We hope you enjoy viewing everything!

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6 thoughts on “Ian Dance”

  1. I’m inspired by Ian’s fine drawings, congratulations, especially as it’s a beginners’ course. The still life items really look as if they are on the table and gosh, all those precise angles…. I like very much the drawing of the house – it could be an illustration in a story book. (Something within me is expecting someone to walk down the path…it’s that real for me). Beautiful work. I’ve just signed up for the same course so he has set the bar high….thank you very much for sharing these lovely drawings.

  2. Hi Felicity,
    We are thrilled that you like the artwork by Ian and enjoy what we post here on the blog too. We hope that you enjoy your course, don’t forget to join the colleges Facebook group if you are on there and you are more than welcome to take part in our weekly challenges too! Looking forward to seeing your artwork! 🙂
    Melanie x

  3. Hi Felicity. Thank you for the comments that you made about my drawings, I am glad you enjoyed them. I wish you luck on the drawing for beginners course .
    Best wishes ,Ian 😊x

  4. Hi Ian, Well deserved appreciation of your work. Keep going, I wonder where your artistic journey will lead. I’m inspired as mentioned above, so thank you for that too. At the moment I’m feeling shy and lack confidence but I’m hoping with the benefit of the well structured course and kind encouragement/crit that I too will grow. 🙂 x

  5. Hi Melanie, Thank you for your kind response and for reminding me about the FB page. I’ll sign up right away. I feel I’m going to benefit greatly from the encouraging vibe. I’m a beginner and lack confidence so I think it will be a while before I dare show any of my work but I’m open to change and am aiming for improvement, so who knows? Felicity x

  6. Hi Felicity, I hope you are enjoying your course so far. I know what you mean about being a bit shy about posting artwork, it can be a bit nerve racking. The course is, as you say, ” well structured”. And you have signed up on the colleges Facebook page , you will find that very motivational. I have just done this recently myself, and find it very encouraging and inspirational .Hopefully I will see some of your work on there sometime soon . 👍 x

    Best wishes Ian

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