Weekend Art Challenge – Pandas

Welcome to this weekends art challenge. We would love for you to create artwork around the cutest animal on the earth…a Panda Bear!

We have left this challenge fairly open, so our students can create either a realistic painting or drawing or perhaps choose to make more of a cartoon or illustration style piece.

It can be in any medium, colour or black and white, digital, collage or mixed media. Any style and any size. Why not join lots of pieces of paper together and create a life-size panda! The choice is yours and ideas endless.

Im sure that you will have seen the beautiful and adorable watercolour of a baby Panda below. This was painted by Jane at BugArt She has very kindly allowed us to use her artwork to help inspire our students. It isn’t a copyright free so avoid painting from it, but we hope that it gives you some inspiration and shows you what you can achieve!

We are very much looking forward to seeing your results. You can find lots of copyright free photos below. You could work from one single photo, or perhaps you might like to study the photos to get a sense of what a Panda is like and draw your own.

Let us know how you get on!! Have fun!


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