Weekend Art Challenge – Paint or Draw your photo!

Welcome to our latest art challenge which is a continuation from last week. We would like you to paint or draw your photo from last weeks challenge.

I hear you say, ‘What? We have to draw or paint our photo?’

Well, yes, but don’t panic! You can use it as a basis for your artwork. You can by all means create a realistic portrait from the photos you have taken. However, if you don’t feel ready enough to create a realistic portrait – here are some ideas you could do instead – be creative!!

The quick 10 minute study you see in our feature is a digital drawing I completed in Fresco on the iPad using an apple pencil.

Fantasy Style
Choose to re-create your photo in a fantasy style, with a mystical feel. The mirror around you could be misty and distorted with your reflection only just about visible. There are lots of fantasy style ideas that you could try.

Why not recreate your photo in lots of tiny dots – or larger colourful dots, just like George Surat did in his pointillism paintings. It can also be created in black and white / greyscale if you prefer.

Zoom In
Perhaps you would like to zoom right in to a part of the photo and paint a part of your face and hand for instance.

You might like to paint or draw yourself as a silhouette, perhaps even use black and white painted pieces of paper to create a cutout of your scene.

A great way to have fun with your photo would be to paint lots of pieces of watercolour paper in wet in wet washes of bright colourful colours and then cut them out to re-create your photo and it’s scene. You can also use magazines to do this too.

Block Colours
To remove all of the detail you could simplify your scene and perhaps choose two or three colours and recreate your image using them.

Use an ipad or tablet to draw your scene adding swirls, flowers, patterns around you – or a straight realistic copy.

Why not turn yourself into a cartoon character!

For our Children’s illustration or General illustration students, why not create a character and story board. It could be all about a young artist who can look into the past each time they take a photo in a mirror. Lots of stories around that idea!

What ever idea your choose, send us your artwork by next Wednesday along with the photo you have taken for last weeks challenge and we will add them to the blog the following week.

Most of all … Have Fun!!!

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