Weekend Art Challenge – Rainbows!

Welcome to this weeks artwork for the Rainbow art challenge. What a diverse display of artwork we have received. It has been a lovely challenge for our students to complete in these difficult times we are going through. The beautiful colours and cheery subject has given our students plenty to smile about while creating them. A special mention to Nina Phillips in our featured image, who not only included a rainbow in her artwork, she combined it with St Patricks day too. Well done Nina!

We hope the paintings spread joy to those who view the artwork. Stay tuned for the next challenge soon.

In my mind , the most beautiful rainbow is hope in the future.I drew this picture by watercolor for encouraging everyone be brave and hopeful.
I attach a painting for the lovely rainbow theme this week!   “Rainbow Drops”
Pauline Burke
Rainbows…..a symbol of hope…. spreading happiness.Rainbow lorikeet are birds resembling rainbow colors.I chose water colour to paint this bird.
I would like to show you this Illustration I made thinking of all those who are struggling for the virus.
Linda G. Carluschi
It takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow. There would be no rainbows without sunshine and rain.”
Walaa Al-jafari‎
Understanding how colour works. Colour charts!! 
Louise Dexter‎
Painting realized with watercolours. The rainbow is a fantastic theme to express hope, especially in these times of Coronavirus pandemic …
Véra Jaouadi
Cari Aplin
Fluid Acrylic pouring with digital collage
Priscilla Hocking
Perhaps a little sad, but one my pet bereavement card designs.
Dylan F Jeskye‎
Josefine Georgine
‘Has it come to this? Rainbow 2020’
Julie Smalley‎
Audrey Quinton‎
As it’s St.Patricks Day on Tuesday, I thought with the rainbow comes the pot of gold with a leprechaun standing next to it, a shamrock tree. And the perfect weather to get a rainbow is rain and sunshine. I used felt tip pen for everything except the coins which was a gold gel pen. This picture is very bright & vibrant. I really did enjoy creating it.
Nina Phillips‎

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