Weekend Art Challenge – Your Favourite Things!

We have received some beautiful paintings and drawings this week for our weekend art challenge, all about your favourite things. Watercolour seems to be the medium for today with students Vera, Anthea and Elena creating some very delicate pieces using watercolour.

We were also thrilled to hear student Pauline say what we have been thinking...”I think the online art courses are a great source of enjoyment especially now we are isolated.”

We have received a number of emails and messages with students wanting to purchase courses, extend their course or start their course up again. It’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon learning a new skill, creating portfolio pieces or just simply having fun.

Creating art can really lift your spirits, don’t put too much pressure on yourself and have fun. If you are thinking of starting a course with us, you can enrol today. Don’t forget all Diploma courses are currently 15% off!

We hope that you enjoy reading about our students and their favourite objects and the stories behind them. Stay tuned for another art challenge tomorrow!

This week’s challenge: these wind lights have been offered to me some years ago. They are really beautiful when lighted at night, and they are among my favourite things.
Véra Jaouadi
Some of my favourite things, Ammonite fossils and Ginkgo leaves.
Anthea Post
 I think the online art courses are a great source of enjoyment especially now we are isolated.  I have attached my drawing of  “Some of my favourite souvenirs” places I look forward to visiting again in the future.
Either Alexa or phone connected with headset accompanies when I am doing art work .Art and music together feels like meditation. Just a quick sketch. Not in a good mood after seeing the people suffering in the world.
Some objects bring me some happiness now: an old CD to listen and remember good times, some drawing’s stuff to relax, a special scent and some beloved jewellery to feel better,  some shells, which are related with my appreciation for beaches, and I’ve added some plants and flowers because I love them. 
Josiene Saibrosa da Silver
grasshopper, I’ve loved trains, especially steam locomotives, which seem about the nearest thing to a living being that a machine can be. Others will, no doubt disagree. I’m hoping that for ‘Your Favourite Things’ it is OK with you to submit this painting given that 1. I started it some time ago – it’s in oil, and progress in my ‘studio’ resembles that of a snail rather than an express locomotive; 2. It’s unfinished – lots to do on it yet. It’s oil on cotton canvas, primed acrylic gesso, under painted acrylic, top oils mainly Rowney ‘Georgian’ and it’s 450 x 350. The subject is a ‘typical’ branchline sometime in the early fifties.
Clifford Herbert
I have so many cherished items that I adore ( I’m a bit of a collector/ hoarder) which would probably takes a months and months to portray all but most cherished item that would define me is this porcelain rabbit teapot, I bought it in St. Petersburg many years ago in little antique shop on my first earned salary as a reminder that life is wonderful, full of surprises and mystery like this tea pot which I’m still trying to figure out origins of!
Elena Statham‎

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