Weekend Challenge Artwork – Serenity

Welcome to the gallery of artwork for this weekends challenge, created by some very serene students! The pieces below are absolutely fantastic and we really hope that you all enjoy viewing them. So many different ideas for the theme this week – Serenity. A particular shout out to Walaa Al-jafari’s ballerina. Scroll down to view it. Absolutely superb. Stay tuned for the next challenge. We hope you all have a very peaceful and happy weekend!

Magdalena Anna Piwowarczyk
In Buddhism, deer is considered as a serene animal. It stands for purity. I painted this using acrylics.
S. Latha
This is the most serene place on earth: Luskentyre beach, isle of Harris in the Western Isles
Anne Marieke Booij
Sitting by a pond looking at reflections 
Sheila Brown
For this week I have painted a candle,  it was lovely and calming to have it lighting and smell the scent while painting!
Pauline Burke
My favourite place in the whole world – sat on Whitby Cliff watching the harbour and the town below. So peaceful
Kirstie Baker
Véra Jaouadi‎
What could be more serene than a swan?! Done with pastel pencils. It could do with a couple more hours of work, but I ran out of time.
Helen Acosta‎
Walaa Al-jafari
I choose an ancient Indian bronze statue Vishu lying on the Comic ocean, as my drawing theme. As long time past the gold, silver and jewellery for decoration has been lost, most of the bronze body has been damaged. But I think this sculpture was polished by time with more peaceful and serenity.
Khadiga Kadry
Serenity… for me it’s sometimes a combination of colours, and this is one of those…
Iryna Labunska
Weekend challenge, Serenity. I feel a bit like this pig today… finally got outside in the sunshine after what seems like weeks of rain!
Dionne Turnbull
I thought this lady was quite serene when I drew her
Clifford Herbert
The piece is created with a mixture of oil pastel (the moon and parts of the water) Felt tip pen for the tree and for the background watercolour pencils. In places the ink bloated due to using water on the pencils. This piece of work hopefully has a some what peaceful feel amongst the craziness.
Nina Phillips
Done in my sketch book with Coloursoft pencils. It’s the lovely view behind our home in between the stormy weather.
Anita Marshall
Denise Dancer
Audrey Quinton

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