Welcome to our weekend art challenge artwork for the theme Cats and Kittens. We have received an overwhelming amount of entries this week and we are delighted to see the vast array of styles, ideas and beautiful artwork our students have produced. Scroll gradually to the bottom of this page and we can guarantee you will be completely inspired whilst viewing the artwork here!!

Stay tuned for our next challenge posted here tomorrow!

Ethne Dian‎
Love the cats and kittens theme!  I was inspired by the cats face collage idea you mentioned and I have attached  “a cat called Scrap”
Pauline Burke
Coloured Pencils
Trish Marsh
Pastels on velour paper. Not used this paper before but enjoyed finding out a different way of working.
Gwen Reavley
Pastel by
Shiela Brown
Woody painted in acrylic
Gwen Reavley
What was in that food??
Renate Staeheli
Cats always love watching butterflies, so I drew this picture using pencils.
S Latha
Frances Fish
Bayan in Acrylic
by Katja Felbel
Kirstie Baker
“The 3 kittens were up to no good in the garden and stood still as they were blinded by the light of the camera.”
Illustration for children’s picture story book.
Pam O’Connell
Georgia Martin 
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
Sue Douglas
Watercolour painting
Vera Jaouadi
My attempt at drawing my boy Kenzo. He is an Egyptian Mau.
Amanda J Watkins
Trying to do multicoloured fur and a non-photographic style watercolour…is a work in progress!
Rita Frost
This is Bob Garfield, I rescued him last year in July. When I saw him I was lost, honestly. This little cat lived one week with us (with my dog) and then a family adopted him. He is still in my heart.
Judith Reinke
Dinah Barker

Christine Towell
Audrey Quinton
Gill Barratt
Clifford Herbert
Katherine Black
Jules Hollinshead
Steve Hunt
Tiina Meurman
Helen Acosta
Evette Coopey
Emma Miller
Dylan F Jeskye
Gill Barratt
Mark Cope 
Meet Luna, my sons cat. Pastels on Pastelmat.
Dianne Pike
Anesha Marshall 
Julia Renee Cook
Brian Pearson

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