Weekend Art Challenge – Eyes Artwork!

Welcome to this weeks art challenge artwork! It is all about the eyes! We set students the task to either draw their own eyes in a mirror or draw or paint the eyes of friends and family members. If students were unable to work from life then of course working from photos was definitely allowed!

We have received a large number of amazing drawings and paintings which you can see below, we absolutely love them all! A special shout out to Jill Allsopp who’s portrait we have used as our feature image this week.

We hope you are all very inspired by all of the drawings and paintings of eyes below. Sorry we weren’t able to include the animals eyes, this was purely a human eye challenge! Perhaps that is an idea for a challenge soon!

Stay tuned for our next challenge tomorrow…something a little different!

Federica Cesaroni
CJ Wright
Sheila Brown
Eyes are the windows to the soul
Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade
Christine Towell
Luca Antinori
Véra Jaouadi
Kirstie Baker
Brian Pearson
Sheila Brown
Pauline Burke
Skipper Marshall
Trish Marsh
Nina Phillips
Dinah Barker
Kirstie Baker
Anusooya Devi Ra
Jill Allsopp

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