Weekend Art Challenge – Nuts Artwork!

Welcome to the results of our Art Challenge which we sent our students last Friday. It was to create a drawing or painting in any medium, on the subject of Nuts. We have received some beautiful and very creative pieces of artwork. We love them all especially Vera’s collage! Some of the pieces of students work are very nuts indeed!

It feels as though we are getting into a lovely festive mode as Sheila Brown has said below with her beautiful bowl of nuts – “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”

As many of you may have seen we have a new blog theme which now has a feature image on the main blog page. Today’s feature image is by Josiene Saibrosa and you can see her full artwork at the bottom of the page! We were very impressed Josiene – very well done and beautiful painting!

We are also thrilled to hear that Huzete has commented on the audio feature on our blog and we are pleased that he finds it useful. We introduced it earlier this year as we had a regular follower and reader of our blog who was partially sighted. We are always happy to help!

We hope that everyone enjoys viewing all of the amazing artwork below – stay tuned for the next exciting challenge!!

This week I have a drawing of a squirrel sees nut feast!
A fun challenge loved it !
Pauline Burke

Oil pastels
Kirstie Baker

Julie Smalley

Gill Barratt

Sorry guys, these are the only “Nuts” I could find in our house at the moment!
Emily Kent

Audrey Quinton

Judith Reinke

Aneesha B Shailza
Vera Jaouadi

Here is the weekend Challenge. I think it is very helpful to improve my drawing skill. The chestnut was draw in watercolor. I follow other companion’s working on the blog, thank you for providing audio version of the article, I like to listen them.

Today’s challenge Is a very rough drawing of a wooden bowl of nuts and a few already cracked it’s beginning to look A lot like Christmas
Sheila Brown

Latha Prabakar

I have attached my nuts’ drawing for this Challenge Weekend. It’s a mix of colourful ink, pens and watercolour,  trying to reproduce a small decorative plate filled with pistachio nuts on a piece of crochet.
Josiene Saibrosa

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