Weekend Challenge – Exotic Birds Artwork

We are speechless! WOW! What an incredible amount of entries for this weeks Art Challenge. It was based on the brief of Exotic birds and we found the students a few copyright free photos to get started. Alternatively they could find their own or use their inspiration to make their own creations.

There are so many wonderful drawings and paintings here, keep on scrolling and enjoy them!!

Stay tuned for the next challenge – which is a big challenge taking up the whole month of December. Intrigued? Stay tuned!!

Véra Jaouadi

Maria Ei Zar

I saw this bird Himalayan monal on a news APP, the color is real beautiful .
I draw it by watercolor.

Exotic birds, weekend challenge. I started this over a year ago and was inspired to finish it because of the topic.
Priscilla Hocking

Katherine Black

 tried painting this week and of a peacock, found it a challenge too!
Pauline Burke

Ink and water colour. A bird of paradise.
Dylan F Jeskye

Here with a Lilac Breasted Roller – a beautiful lilac and turquoise coloured bird found in Tanzania – for the weekend art challenge. Mixed media using ink and watercolour. 
Katherine Peverelle

Vicki Watkins

Julia Renee Cook

Alexandra Boke

Exotic birds, look no further than our own farmyards 
Painted in oil on canvas 
Cock -a -doodle- do.
Sheila Brown

Well it is nearly Christmas. I completed this a few months ago with a variety of pastels on pastelmat.
Dianne Pike

My Fantasy bird
Denise Dancer

Lilac – Breasted Roller
Aneesha B Shailza

Maria Ei Zar

WeCompletely lost my painting mojo and confidence again. But have loved seeing all your creations.
Leanne Hurrell

Audrey Quinton

Dylan F Jeskye

Kirstie Baker

«On the Bright Side»
by Mila Zinzen

Galah, stylised, portrait of, in chalk.
Julie Smalley

Not so exotic, but still interesting bird.
“The guard”. Mixed media on canvas, 90×45.
Tatiana Sukhareva

Digital illustration done on my iPad
Connie Hohman Berry‎

My idea was to block in the basic colours in marker, then accurately draw the bird in fountain pen over the top. But I made some errors and decided to just exaggerate my errors.
Also my greys have totally dried out! But I’m pleased with the result
Marc Davis

That’s my first weekend challenge. I’m so happy to participate!
As I am Brazilian, I chose the hyacinth macaw (Arara Azul), a parrot native to central and eastern South America. (Watercolor and colour pencil)
Roberta Gonçalves

Malachite Kingfisher, Zambia. Pastel on coloured paper
Dinah Barker

Vera Jaouadi

Digital painting of a toucan using Krita for the blog post!

Magdalena Anna Piwowarczyk

Madhavi Yelnurkar Chopade

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