Weekend Challenge – The 3 colour challenge Artwork!

Welcome to our latest art challenge – the three colour challenge. What a wonderful selection of artwork we have for everyone to see today!! So many different genres all using just three colours. Isn’t it amazing what can be achieved with such a small palette!

If you haven’t taken part in this challenge, or you are worried about showing your work on here, this is definitely a challenge to do at home just for yourself. Give it a go as it really makes you think about the different tonal ranges you need to use and how to create your chosen subject using your limited colours.

Latha Prabakar
The three colour challenge
Sheila Brown
I went digital using a photo as reference that I took in the Florence studio last week while I was painting.
Louise Dexter
Winter scene 3 coloured oil painting using white black and violet.
Sally Wilson
This is something that I have been thinking of doing and I thought it would work nicely on the weekend challenge – kind of. This is maybe a 3-4 colour picture…
I only used three pens but there is also the white of the paper.
Aaanyway… the coffee tin is my late granny’s and I brought the coffee plant specifically to grow it there. Though now it is getting so big that it will have to be moved to a bigger pot. I would also like to paint it in oils.
Tiina Meurman‎
Hansa Q rose and manganese blue. The drawing came from a class I took yesterday. I feel sorry for him as he appears to have a growth!!
Avril Walker
Blue black and white acrylic on primed canvas
Luke Rigby
Charlie Mijatovic
Simone is on a roll… she’s been doing so much thinking that it’s making her brain hurt. And in between, she’s STILL managed to fit in another shoe-shopping trip.
Audrey Quinton
Pastel – 3 colours blue, white and grey
Kirstie Baker
Here is my weekend challenge painting – another attempt at digital illustration. I took a screen shot of it, so you could see my 3 color palette at the bottom. I set up a still life with the pumpkin and a little ceramic bird I have.
Connie Hohman Berry
Choux! Go away! A creamy cloud in three colours is my ‘4pm Fantasy’. Brush pens in brown and tan plus a Posca Pen in white. Lucky I had blue paper!
Julie Smiley

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