Welcome to this weekend Art Challenge – Scones, Jam and Cream! Is it making anyone hungry yet? All of the students have handled the texture of the scones beautifully. This wasn’t an easy task, especially with the sones and cream being fairly light in colour and tone too.

One very noticeable thing in the paintings of the scones by Kirstie, Huzete, Pauline and Vera is that each student has not felt the need to outline anything in black or a dark colour. There are no outlines as such, the colours softly lay next to each other to define edges which works perfectly!!

So for instance view the artwork created by Kirstie Baker below. If you look at the cream on the furthest away scone, you can see the lovely warm creamy colours laying next to the pale blue of the background. Beautiful! The pale blue background works superbly with the white plate and the colours side by side are stunning. All of the textures hold well together without the need of outlines.

Having said all of this, there is a place for hard lines in some instances and Josiene has proved this in her artwork. I love the fact that she has omitted the outlines on the scones of the furthest away scone to help it recede into the distance. Absolutely superb technique!

We hope that you have enjoyed viewing the submissions for this weeks challenge. Stay tuned for the next challenge coming soon!

 I have tried twice by ink, but it is a little difficult for me to vary hatches for scones, jam and cream. So I finally choose watercolour.
Scones in oil pastel
Kirstie Baker
Pauline Burke
Acrylic painting
Vera Jaouadi
Audrey Quinton
I tried making my scones’s with a mix of mediums: watercolour,  pens and pencils.  I liked the result and I think that my still life looks like the scones blog’s photo.
Josiene Saibrosa da Silva

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