Welcome to this weeks Halloween Challenge. I hope that you aren’t too scared looking at the amazing artwork on offer this week. Particuarly Magdalena’s ink artwork – incredible!! Our students must have had a lot of fun completing this challenge. A great theme revealed on Halloween too!

Readers must scroll to the bottom to view all of the artwork as a special mention to Julie Smalley who created three images for this challenge which all work together beautifully! Very clever, well done Julie!

Happy Halloween to everyone!!!

Spooky Halloween!
Magdalena Anna Piwowarczyk
Here is my Halloween pumpkin, painted with watercolour.
Vera Jaouadi
A ghostly pumpkin for Halloween!
Pauline Burke

We Chinese also like Halloween especially for the children, because of candy and funny makeup. When I think about this topic, I would like add some humour and horror elements in my drawing.  There are some classic horrible zombies in Qing dynasty clothes in the old Hong kong movie, these Zombies are as horrible and funny as ghosts and witches. I like Hong kong movie, so I choose this kind of scene. A Qing dynasty TV show named is popular months ago. The costume are fantastic and glory. So I download a poster and adjust it to to be Halloween theme.

Audrey Quinton

Here are some Halloween illustrations. Fountain pen line art with digital colour. The prancing pumpkin was done earlier in Oct, but the owl was done this weekend. Marc Davis

Marc Davis
Marc Davis
I found a use for a skeleton I had practiced for The Portrait Course.
Uh  ……. but I hate spiders. Happy Halloween! In graphite and ink brush.
Sheila Brown

Julie Smalley
Innocent members of the pumpkin public slashed with cold, hard bladework… Jack O’Lantern smiles! Not so scary after all!

Julie Smalley
Julie Smalley
Julie Smalley

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