Weekend Challenge – Earthy Coloured Objects!

Another week has flown by and we are nearly at the weekend again. Are you read for your weekend challenge?!

I love natural coloured objects, whether it is wood, stoneware, earthenware, natural pinecones, linen fabrics, autumn leaves etc. All natural objects have a very similar colour pallet, which mainly comprises of earthy tones including browns, creams, ochres….

So I set up a still life for you and took a couple of photos of natural objects on our dresser. I have added a variation and given two photos as you can see.

Your challenge is to paint or draw either photo, including the warm colours of the background, but still allowing the objects to stand out from the background.

You can crop into the photo and make your own composition if you wish! The final photo shows just one idea you could use.

Don’t forget that you can let certain areas of the objects to softly blend with the background. If you squint your eyes at the photo to judge the tones, you will see the left hand side of the earthenware pot is very similar in tone to the background. If this area blends or slightly disappears into the background – this is fine! It all adds to the scene. Try to make the most of the lighter areas with the dark background behind, for instance the left had top edge of the candlestick holder, this is lovely and light and the background is a rich dark brown throwing the candlestick forward, but still retaining a soft edge.

I hope that you feel inspired by the images, don’t forget you can use any medium – watercolours, coloured pencil, digital, acrylic, oils or even collage and mixed media. Most of all have lots of fun with your earthy tones!

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