Monika Cilmi

My name is Monika and I am a London Art College tutor. I have recently certified as a Dream builder coach following a live training in LA. It is an amazing program to help people live the life they deserve and love living. It follows 10 principles and it has a spiritual approach which empower people with amazing results.

I have experienced these results in my life and my career as an artist. I am also applying art to the program with various creative activities and affirmation exercises to guide and support my clients / students to achieve their goals and shift their perception about their life. Everyone can apply these principle using art through my guidance.

I mostly work with creative people and businesses. One of my students in the program is an artist and she has shifted her life completely. She has made massive changes moving forward to follow her dreams.

Another project I have been working on while in LA is a new wire sculpture idea. It uses a new wonderful material which all students can use to express their creativity and artistic abilities. Check the link to see some examples and info about this new material.

Monica Cilmi

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