Maggy Roberts, the tutor for the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course emailed me this wonderful image for our blog. We absolutly love the illustration and Sarah said to Maggy…

“The exercise at first filled me with fear as I am not confident with drawing animals. However, I rather love elephants and their majestic clumsiness, so once I got started I really enjoyed the process. I am not a great cartoonist, which I recognise, so I leant towards simplicity of line and trying to capture the movement that told the most story. As with many illustrations, the character took over and my elephant chose to do some yoga, in the way that I imagine an elephant would, with great earnestness yet inhibited by his great size. I tried to keep the colours simple whilst implying texture and mass. Overall, I was pleased with the outcome, which surprised me as I did not think I would be.”

Sarah Buckingham
Illustrating Childresn Books Diploma Course

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