Ann Bradford

Ann Bradford is studying our Beginners Drawing Online Art Course with tutor Ida Mitrani. Ann’s artwork is absolutely stunning and very blog worthy. We wanted to share it here to inspire other students in picking up a pencil and giving it a go themselves. It is so important to draw objects around you, even if its only for 5 or 10 minutes per day, it can really help improve your observational techniques and pencil skills.

As you can see from Ann’s artwork, particuarly in the first still life image, she has noted the direction of the light source, which is a really important first step. To successfully draw an object and make it look three dimensional, you need to include the light and shade within your drawing. Ann has created some lovely shading on her still life bottles and apple – absolutely superb!

Anne said on starting the course…

I hope to make an improvement with my drawing skills. I’m not really a beginner but some skills are better than others and I would like a complete familiarisation of techniques of differing varieties and tacking things I would not normal be drawn to (no pun intended!)

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