Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Today we have a fantastic blog post by a very clever student of ours called Heidi Seal. Here is her incredible Halloween Pumpkin decoration. Read all about it below. Don’t forget to follow Heidi on Instagram to see her artwork too!


My name is Heidi and I am currently doing the Drawing and Painting diploma and taking a break from life drawing to decorate for Halloween.
Every year we dress the front porch up with spider webs, monsters, skeletons etc and this little fella will be centre piece. I’ve cut holes into the bottom of the pumpkins so the stalks sit through the centre acting as a spine to hold the top pumpkins in place, I then cut up a cape from an old Halloween costume and used LED lights to light him up.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heidielizabeth7/

Heidi Seal

Afreen Rubbani

John Byrne, tutor of the Cartooning Diploma course, asked if we would be able to post Afreen Rubbani’s artwork from his final assignment. Afreen had passed his course with flying colours. Her three final pieces are scratchboard portraits of Donald Trump, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Afreen said at the start of the course to tutor John Byrne..

I would love to be able to maybe start my own business or take part in exhibitions. To achieve that I need some professional guidance and I am looking forward to starting this course with you and I am confident that I will learn a lot from your advice and experience.

Form viewing Afreens artwork and knowing that she received a distinction in his work, we can see that she has achieved a lot during the course and we know that she will now have the confidence to take her work to the next level and start her own business. If you would like to see Afreens website take a look at www.paperboats.co.uk

Sarah Giddy

Maggy Roberts, tutor for the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course, put forward some of student Sarah Giddy’s artwork for the blog. We absolutely love her Sink City illustration and have shown the full painting and some close up details for you to see below.

Sarah also created a collage for one of her assignments located below her Sink City paintings. Absolutely beautiful! We are very much looking forward to seeing more of Sarahs work in the coming weeks and months!


Margaret Desouza

A wonderful piece of artwork on this bright and cheery Friday morning. The collage has been created by London Art College student Margaret Desouza as one of her assignments for her Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course. Students are asked to paint wet in wet washes on stretched or blocks of watercolour paper and then using the shapes and colours, create a collage using them. Margaret has made a lovely scene with hers of flowers and a landscape. The flowers are beautiful with a mix of reds and oranges in her wet in wet painting.

Our students might like to watch this video by watercolourist Steve Mitchell’s video where he shows some fabulous wet in wet techniques. You can find more of his videos on YouTube- his channel is recommended!

Sara Wendy Oliva

Sara Wendy Olivia studied our Beginners Drawing Course recently and created this wonderful still life study in charcoal. Students who are practicing drawing and finding it difficult to create tone within their artwork, charcoal is a great way of gaining experience. You can also use black pastels to create tonal ranges and texture too. Sara has created a wonderfully dark background which has allowed her to bring out the light highlights on the glass bottle and the shiny pottery. This would be a lot more tricky using graphite pencil and white paper.

Why not give it a go yourself? Don’t worry about getting messy, its all good fun!

Paul Weaver’s Exhibition

Hi Everyone,

My name is Paul Weaver and I am a tutor on the drawing and Painting Diploma course. I am having an exhibition with my painting friend Max Hale next month in Wiltshire, UK. I hope that its a chance for any of our London Art College students  to come along and see me trying to practice what I preach! If you are a student pop in to find me and say hi! 

Paul Weaver
Drawing and Painting Diploma Course

Alison Croft

Alison Croft completed the Pet Portraits Diploma Course a few years ago and passed with flying colours. She received a distinction for her final set of work and high marks throughout her course. We have added Alison’s work here on the blog previously and these are a few more from when she was on the course.

The first painting below of two dogs was from an assignment to combine three photographs together and paint them. The key here is to create a painting where the viewer wouldn’t know that three separate reference photos had been used. So in this instance two separate photos of dogs and a different photo for a background were used. For commissioning pet portrait artists this task is something of the norm. Artists are required to create a scene with cleints pets, often joining a number of photos together and keeping everything realistic and natural. Alison has created a wonderful scene here, the dogs look and feel as they were sitting together at the time, even down to the shadow on the right hand dogs chest. The natural daylight and sunshine on them matches the bight natural scene behind. Much goes into creating a painting like this, a lot of behind the scenes work that perhaps the viewer may not realise.

All three of Alison’s paintings and drawing here are wonderful and we hope that you like them too! If you would like check out our Pet Portrait Diploma Course, head on over to our website to find out more.

Sophie Delesque

London Art College student Sophie Delesque enrolled on our Botanical Coloured Pencil Course a few years ago. A few of her beautiful botanical studies are below. Sophies work can be found on her twitter account  Sophie Delesque Twitter  and you can see what she has been up to recently. Her work has developed beautifully and we are thrilled to see how well she is doing. Congratulations Sophie!

Belinda Cullen

We have shown Belinda Cullen’s artwork on our blog previously. Belinda completed our Watercolour Diploma a while ago, however we have lots of her artwork on file and we never tire of looking at it – or posting it here! Her beautiful fresh colours and wet in wet washes are absolutely superb. Belinda likes to work from life and you can see the fast paint strokes and layered wet in wet washes in the still life of the mackerel. Working fast pays off in this kind of painting and the results are superb! The subjects Belinda chooses to paint to are very varied and we know they still inspire our students to this day. We hope you enjoy viewing this beautiful collection and we will be sure to post some more of Belinda’s work in the coming months again!