Esther Geh

These stunning Watercolour paintings have been created by student Esther Geh, who studied on our Watercolour Diploma Course. They are simply delightful to view. We acknowledge Ethers skill in being able to create fresh, warm and vibrant colours, all with beautiful shape and form, which isn’t an easy skill to master. We wish Esther every success in her continued journey with the beautiful medium of watercolour.


Annabel Bishop

Annabel Bishop has created some wonderful studies for her Coloured Pencil Online Art Course and we have gathered a few of them here for you to view.

Whilst practicing coloured pencil techniques it is much easier to work on still life subjects to get a fell for describing the different textures. This will help for when you want to branch out to other subjects. You can see that Annabel has had to contend with shiny spoons, metal tins, reflections, glass and the subtle texture on fruit. Some very difficult challenges which Annabel has overcome beautifully and created some really lovely studies!


Joanne Gore

The final day in our week of Row, Row, Row your Boat illustrations today. We have left our favourite illustration to last and it is by student Joanne Gore. We absolutely love this one. If you look at the detailed versions below there are so many things going on in the scene. The colours are immensely rich and inviting. We can see that children would be in awe at the scene – as much as we are here in the London Art College office.

We hope that you have enjoyed viewing the illustrations this week and if you feel you could use your imagination to create a scene like this – pop over to our website and enrol on our course today. We look forward to seeing your illustrations and helping your ideas come to fruition!



Ruth Wellman

We are starting a week of illustrations from students who are studying with Maggy Roberts on the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course. More specifically the Row, Row, Row your boat assignment. We receive so many wonderful illustrations from this assignment we thought a weeks showcase would be perfect. So starting off the week is student Ruth Wellman and her beautiful watercolour of two happy characters rowing down the river with their pals. We love it and hope you do too!

Ridhi Khanna

We were absolutely delighted to receive these photos from Ridhi and her mum Archana Bahri Khanna with their certificates. Ridhi has just completed her diploma in Drawing and Painting, and her mum completed the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma  a few months prior. We would like to officially thank them for having their photos taken and allowing us to show them on our blog. We wish them the best of luck with their future illustrations, paintings and drawings!


Thank you very much!
I have received my Merit diploma by Airmail. I am happy to complete my Drawing & Painting Diploma from London Art College. Thank you for your support throughout my course. I have attached images, one being me with the diploma and the other being one with my mom and myself with our respective diplomas and another with my mom and her diploma from the London Art College.