Sonia Utting

Sonia Utting, who is completing the Botanical Painting Diploma Course,  chose some interesting and challenging subjects for her final diploma pieces. Her Showy Slipper Orchid was found in a local garden centre, and she was immediately inspired to paint the exotic looking blooms. She has done a fantastic job in capturing the form and delicate colours of the flowers, using some good green mixes on the leaves.

Her second painting, Cornus canadensis or Bunchberry, was equally challenging. Despite the simple shape of the four petal-like bracts, the centre is actually a mass of tiny flowers. Sonia used a magnifier to paint the tiny details.

The final piece is a study of a Gala apple and Bartlett Pear. This lovely piece shows her creativity and skill by using a combination of fine ink dissections with meticulous watercolour paintings.

It has been wonderful to watch Sonia develop and improve her skills on the course, and the results are delightful!

Written by Tutor Shevaun Doherty


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