Saira Minhas

Saira Minhas created the drawings while studying on our Pastels Certificate Course. We particularly love the two studies of garlic. The first is a tonal study keeping the pallet to black and white / greyscale. This has helped Saira understand the tonal ranges and work out how light and dark certain areas are in her still life set up. It also allows more concentration on the shape and form of the objects. The second study is the same set up in colour this time and how wonderfully warm and inviting it is. Both studies are wonderful.

Saira has also created another still life, of which the composition is excellent and beautiful colours have been used here to create a very airy and cheerful scene. Finally, the largest drawing, is a wonderfully colourful scene and describes the street, it’s houses and shops very well. We hope you like all of Saira’s pastel paintings and if you would like to learn how to use pastel, why not enrol on our course just as Saira did. Visit our website for more details – Pastel Painting online Art Course.

Nancy Hunter

Nancy Hunter completed on our Oil Painting Course recently and one of our favourite paintings this year is her ‘Flower and Vase’ oil painting below. There is something absolutely beautiful about the interaction between the flowers and their rich red tones along with the subtle blues of the textured background. If you look closely at the detail in the background, much thought has gone into this piece.

All of the colours work really well together on this painting, Nancy has got them spot on and overall is is simply stunning. It also has a very contemporary feel from the composition with the vase of flowers and the single pear sitting filling the space on the left, without it, the bottom left corner would be quite empty. We are thrilled to be able to not only show this vase of flowers painting by Nancy, but also two other of Nancy’s paintings as well. We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we do!

Sarah Mitchell

We have collated a number of different pieces from student Sarah Mitchell that she created throughout our Botanical Painting Online Art Course. These are from different assignments on the course and show a number of different techniques that Sarah has learned along the way.

Our favourite has to be the trio of apples. The composition is excellent and we love the way the apple on the right is just falling, touching the middle apple. I think you will agree with us that all of Sarah’s pieces are stunning and we wish Sarah the best of luck in her Botanical Painting career.

Selma Stern

Selma Stern created these very fund and attractive flowers, whilst studying on our Colour Awareness Course with tutor Alan Dedman. If you are struggling with mixing colour, this course could be really useful for you. Also if you struggling to bring a number of colours together in your work to create an overall aesthetically pleasing pallet, our course could be for you.

We love Selmas flowers below, so happy and full of life, using just a few lovely colours together. Drop us a line if you would like us to help you with your Colour Awareness….!

Watercolour Wet in Wet….

Three students who are taking our Watercolour Online Art Course Diploma have all been practicing their wet in wet techniques with great effect. The first students work below, Ashish Choudhary, has created some beautiful warm and glowing colours coming through the rain, very cleverly silhouetted a crowd of people to help allow the beautiful light to shine through from behind. Similarly Dawn Stalberg has created a similar piece with rain showing down across the wet in wet background very successfully.

Finally we have Belinda Cullen who completed the entire piece in one sitting using the wet in wet techniques, and what wonderful vibrant colours she had used. All three students should be thrilled with their results and we hope that you find them inspiring.


Ashish Choudhary


Dawn Stalberg


Belinda Cullen



Astrid Nielsch

Astrid Nielsch studied our Science Fiction and Fantasy art Course run by our very talented and professional artist John Byrne. Astrid’s creativity shines through here in her work. We have added some finished paintings along with some of her preliminary studies so that students can get an idea of the through process behind Astrid’s artwork.

If you have a vivid imagination and would like to try your hand at creating fantasy illustrations, drop over to our website and have a read of our Science Fiction and Fantasy Course page. You can study from home and enrol at any time!

Ian Scott

Ian Scott has painted and drawn a wonderful set of artwork for his resent submission on the Portrait Painting Online Art Course that he is taking with us at the London Art College. Plenty of work has gone into each study below and I know that our readers will be highly impressed with each piece.

Ian has been practising colour mixing for his skin tones, experimenting with limited pallet paintings and also drawing hands from life too. We can see Ian has complete dedication to his course and we are absolutely delighted with his results. We are sure Ian is too!