Saira Minhas created the drawings while studying on our Pastels Certificate Course. We particularly love the two studies of garlic. The first is a tonal study keeping the pallet to black and white / greyscale. This has helped Saira understand the tonal ranges and work out how light and dark certain areas are in her still life set up. It also allows more concentration on the shape and form of the objects. The second study is the same set up in colour this time and how wonderfully warm and inviting it is. Both studies are wonderful.

Saira has also created another still life, of which the composition is excellent and beautiful colours have been used here to create a very airy and cheerful scene. Finally, the largest drawing, is a wonderfully colourful scene and describes the street, it’s houses and shops very well. We hope you like all of Saira’s pastel paintings and if you would like to learn how to use pastel, why not enrol on our course just as┬áSaira did. Visit our website for more details – Pastel Painting online Art Course.

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