Having completed the Watercolour Painting  Course with Jem Bowden I was delighted to receive the College Diploma. The whole Course was very instructive an d stimulating. The main messages I took form the tuition was that a successful watercolour  is 90% planning and 10% doing. And there has to be a range of marks. I was encourage to make several sketches planning composition and tone before picking up  a brush. This painting of Dedham Hall was done from an on site photograph and sketches. The images show the initial cropping to create a portrait format, the big shape  tonal design, and the final tonal sketch. This was towards the end of the course when I was beginning  to understand what Jem  meant by a ‘range’ of marks. Light against dark, warm against cool, small against large, rough against smooth etc. All in all the course taught a structured approach to painting a watercolour  and was well worth the effort.

Alan Connor
Watercolour Painting Diploma

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