Larisa Andreassen

We have lots of wonderful paintings and studies to show our students and readers today. They have all be created by Landscape Painting Diploma student Larisa Andreassen. Each painting and study holds their won special qualities however my personal favourite is the watercolour which is the 4th image below. This, for me shows Larisa has a lot of skill when using watercolour. It is beautifully fresh, she has used layering techniques and a limited pallet to create the look she wanted to achieve. It is fresh and cold looking – much like I’m sure the scene was when she was painting it. Which is your favourite? We would love to hear in the comments below!

Elena Statham

This has to be one of my favourite illustrations in recent weeks to land in my email inbox from tutor Maggy Roberts! It’s by student Elena Statham who is studying with Maggy on the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course. I have added the full illustration and a close up detail of the cow in his underwater flying machine! It’s ingenuous! We love it and look forward to seeing more illustrations from Elana in 2018! Don’t forget if you are an enrolled Illustrating Children’s Books student you can join our dedicated facebook group


Debbie Moylan

Do we have any budding graphic designers and digital illustrators here? If we do, Debbies’ artwork should be of interest to you! Debbie Moylan created these pieces for an assignment on the Graphic Design Art Diploma Course and worked on the computer digitally to create them. We love the book cover design, but most of all we love the way Debbie has created the soft grass receding into the distance in the CD cover design for the ‘Sing a Song of Sixpence’ piece. Beautifully rendered, even down to the shadow in the grass in front of the lion. It’s simply wonderful. We hope you are truly impressed too!

Denise Wood

Two bright and happy digital illustrations today by London Art College student Denise Wood who is studying on our Digital Illustration Course. The illustrations show two very different techniques, one outline and flat colours to create the form of the parrot. The second has more of a painterly feel to it, where Denise is actually using the paintbrush tool in the computer to from the fur texture of the cat. Would you like to have a go at digital illustration? Why not head on over to our website and check out the course and enrol today. We have two wonderful tutors who will look after you on the course – Monique Piscaer Bailey  and Spencer Hill. We look forward to working with you!

Jue James

Jue James has created three versions of this particular layout of daffodil studies for one of her assignments on the Botanical Painting course. The first is a simple pen and ink with stipple for shading detail. The second is the same illustration with pen and ink plus stipple and then watercolour added. If you are trying this yourself, don’t forget to use waterproof ink! The third and final illustration in the set is a pure watercolour version with some pen outlines. Which is your favourite?

Angel Service


Angela Service has created a lovely pen and ink drawing from life of a collection of items from her kitchen for one of the assignments on the Learn To Draw Course. This course is excellent for beginners or for those who would like to concentrate on learning dry mediums like pencil, coloured pencil, and pen and ink. Also for brushing up on observations skills. Why not have a go at collecting a group of objects from your kitchen and see if you can produce something similar to Angela. It really will help students improve their observational skills.

Chris Jaffe

We have some superb cartoons for todays blog post by Cartooning Diploma student Chris Jaffe. We probably should have posted the first illustration last Christmas! It is a very well thought out design and your eye first goes to the sprouts with the sad little eyes. Absolutely brilliant. The second cartoon down might unease any one with a fear of sharks…..

We hope you enjoy viewing Chris’ cartoons and if you would like to try your hand at cartooning, head on over to our website. Cartooning tutor John Byrne would be delighted to help you!