Angel Service


Angela Service has created a lovely pen and ink drawing from life of a collection of items from her kitchen for one of the assignments on the Learn To Draw Course. This course is excellent for beginners or for those who would like to concentrate on learning dry mediums like pencil, coloured pencil, and pen and ink. Also for brushing up on observations skills. Why not have a go at collecting a group of objects from your kitchen and see if you can produce something similar to Angela. It really will help students improve their observational skills.

Chris Jaffe

We have some superb cartoons for todays blog post by Cartooning Diploma student Chris Jaffe. We probably should have posted the first illustration last Christmas! It is a very well thought out design and your eye first goes to the sprouts with the sad little eyes. Absolutely brilliant. The second cartoon down might unease any one with a fear of sharks…..

We hope you enjoy viewing Chris’ cartoons and if you would like to try your hand at cartooning, head on over to our website. Cartooning tutor John Byrne would be delighted to help you!


Alan Caswell

The pantings today are by student Alan Caswell who created these two beautiful pieces of artwork for an assignment on the Landscape Diploma Course. Alan has titled each painting ‘End of a Good day’ and ‘Garden’. We particularly like the Garden painting, the bright spring greens and blue sky behind make for a very pleasing painting. Alan’s fast bush marks depicting the leaves on the trees are excellent! Congratulations Alan on two wonderful pieces!


Alison Croft

Two stunning pieces of artwork today from Pet Portraits Diploma Course student Alison Croft. The cat portrait below has been created using coloured pencils and it beautiful. Alison has captured the detail of the fur beautifully. Shading white fur is not easy, especially in coloured pencils and she has really succeeded here. Wonderful portrait. The horse portrait has been painted using acrylic and the light that Alison has captured here is beautiful. Superb artwork and we hope you find them inspiring!