My name is Stewart Roberts and I am the turo for both online art diploma courses History of Art and Understanding 20th and 21st Cenutry Art.

The recent decision by the exam board AQA means that students currently studying this subject in schools will be the last to take history of art for A-level.

An article by the Guardian, art critic Jonathan Jones entitled ‘Goodbye Art History A-level, you served the elite well’ suggests that “Art history has become an obscurantist, elitist subject.” and that there is a “(not entirely unjustified) perception of art history as a posh person’s leisure activity.”

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The London Art College offers courses in Art History (not A-level courses) and believes that it is a subject that can be enjoyed by everyone, increasing their knowledge, interest and enjoyment whilst informing student’s own practical work.

A student recently gave the following feedback on completing the course:

“….what I appreciate most about the course is that it is more concerned with developing the skill for the student to analyze history of art on his or her own, rather than spoon-feeding information to be repeated in a test; in other words, I was taught how to fish instead of having fish caught for me. Art history is an incredibly vast subject, but now I can look at an artwork or art movement and regardless of the time period it was created, I’d know how to approach and research it by myself.”

If you would like to learn more about the London Art College Art History courses visit their website.
Stewart Roberts
History of Art
Understanding 20th and 21st Cenutry Art

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