Online Art Course Coloured Pencils by Ethne Papenfus

We are thrilled to post the final piece of work by Ethne Papenfus. Ehtne has been working on our Online Art Course Coloured Pencils. Ethne has written the following and we wish her the very best of luck with her future coloured pencil work.

“The reference photo for the drawing below was taken in the Chobe National Park in Botswana. I worked closely to the photo, but softened the distracting floating tree branch near the far bank. Also the bare and very dominant tree trunks in the forefront of the trees.

With that I come to the end of my online art course coloured pencils and enjoyed it immensely. I have taken a long time to complete it, and appreciate the extension of time given by The London Art College. I came to the course with no earlier art background, so it has been a learning curve all the way. That I have been able to sell a few works as I’ve continued with the course has been reassuring in itself. Not about to retire on the proceeds, but pleasing to see that someone else thought a piece of my work worth buying. Need to add that I only work from my own photos, so am in no danger of infringing on any copyright. On the whole, however, I don’t easily part with my paintings. Having spent so much time on them I tend to keep most of them!

The only thing left to be said is a heartfelt Thank You, to the London Art College. Also to the tutors who have given such encouraging comments on the way. I look forward to continuing with this exciting medium.”

Ethne Papenfus
Online Art Course Coloured Pencils

Online Art Course Coloured Pencils

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