My name is  and I am currently studying the Cartooning Diploma with John Byrne.

I began in life studying General Art and Fine Jewellery/ Silversmithing. I went on to study therapeutic models and advocacy to empower people suffering with disabilities both mental and physical and disillusioned by what I saw as “Drug Rep Pen Seeking Behaviour”. I was disappointed with both the public and private sector and studied advocacy. I use art to empower people to find their attributes. I have ambitions to one day be a professional illustrator yet will always be passionate as a people helper.

I have been overjoyed to study under John Byrne in Comic Arts. Art and comedy is a great life skill, I really enjoyed the commitment and found the more I explored ideas the more they flowed! It is a generative process.

I persevere even when tired and just play with Art for the buzz without getting hung up on whether it is good or not. People often ask if life imitates art or art imitates life but I believe when we combined that childhood play with the sophistication of an adult it is actually both. So I just go for the joy of it and explore before thinking of a final draft. I have learnt a lot about art and life and it has been tremendous fun! Thanks for the opportunity.

Rosalyn Van Loock
Cartooning Diploma

Rosalyn-Van-Loock-1 Rosalyn-Van-Loock-2 Rosalyn-Van-Loock-3 Rosalyn-Van-Loock-4 Rosalyn-Van-Loock-5 Rosalyn-Van-Loock-6 Rosalyn-Van-Loock-7

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