Ryan Ball is studying with Maggy Roberts on the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma and has got letting us know about his latest project…..


I am currently studying the Children’s illustration course with Maggy Roberts and am close to completing the course. Originally from the UK as a teacher working in Kuala Lumpur, all illustration work is completed in spare moments in between marking and teaching!
I was lucky enough to be introduced to the ‘Open Griot’.The Open Griot shares localised literature and illustrated books with African children.

I volunteered to illustrate a traditional tale entitled ‘A lions dinner’ to help spread these African tales and fables to children in the area. The illustrations were all done in watercolour and the story tells the tale of a cunning fox who lures the greedy king of the jungle and the other jungle animals to an untimely death.

The book has now been printed and is available to buy as a paper back and also on iTunes and amazon as an e-book. I am really pleased to have my first pictures published in a book and hope it signals the start of many!

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Ryan Ball
Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma

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