Watercolour Orange….

Jose Gomez is currently studying the Watercolour Diploma course with Jan Nesbitt and has been producing some beautiful pieces of artwork for his course assignments. The painting below is of a half peeled orange and the depth of colour Jose has achieved in the orange peel is just exquisite. The textures and the way he has described using watercolour are excellent. We hope that our students find Jose’s painting as inspiring as we do!

Jose said …”I like Wwatercolour because the way the colours mix and its effects and the things that you can achieve with it. I enjoy very much with this medium and I try to paint every day.”


Alison Croft’s Story….

We have received a wonderful testimonial from a recently completed Pet Portrait Diploma student. Alison is doing really well and you can read about her achievements and experiences below, plus visit her website and facebook page!

We love to hear from students who have completed their course and if you would like to write a piece for our website and blog you are more than welcome to contact us at any time.


I finished the Pet Portrait Diploma a little while ago and thought I would let you know how I am doing.

The course was definitely one of the most satisfying things I have done in my life. My confidence as an artist has grown hugely since the course began. I remember worrying that I didn’t have an artistic ‘style’ and being permanently daunted by other people’s work.

My new year’s resolution was to get set up to start selling commissioned pet portraits. I set up a Facebook page and website. I also had posters and business cards printed which I have been leaving at shops, vets and boarding kennels. I have a busy life with work and kids, but every week I try to do at least one thing that gets my art seen by more people.

I’m attaching a commission I have just finished – her name is Ella and she is done with water-soluble oils on linen. I am having discussions about three further commissions at the moment – it’s early days for my little enterprise but so exciting! Painting animals is definitely my Happy Place 🙂

I can’t thank the London Art College enough – it has been THE best start for me!!

Warm regards
Alison Croft


The Fox & The Bird, by Dawn Treacher

We asked on our Facebook page  if students would write to us with their favourite piece created while working on their course to date. Dawn has emailed us with a beautiful illustration of a Fox and a Bird. I hope it inspires all of our readers!


I have been studying the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma. I am now half way through and am really enjoying it. The attached illustration is one I did as part of the process of working on the cow and bird submission pieces, which looks at drawing an animal and its relationship with a little bird.

I have found this course has really increased my confidence in all aspects of my illustration and painting work and has allowed me to start incorporating my passion for landscape painting into my illustration work. This illustration is a good example of how I have been combining my acrylic landscapes with my illustration characters, something which I am continuing to do now I am working on my final cow and bird submission piece.
I have been an acrylic landscape painter for many years and run acrylic workshops for my local art club so I have naturally leaned towards acrylics as a medium for my illustration work. This piece using acrylic paints on watercolour paper. I was using this piece to practise a soft finish ready for my cow and bird piece.
Dawn Treacher


Check One…Two! Artists wanted…

My name is Brendan and I am part of a massive humour-led digital movement launching soon called Check One Two.

Check One Two is the first ever ‘Socialthon’ that empowers you to feel nuts and spread awareness of our message #Feelingnuts in order to change the behaviour of a generation of men. It is simply the spreading of free information of checking your testicles regularly en masse in pant dropping and ball grabbing ways that will break down the taboo, stopping testicular cancer from killing needlessly and we can literally end it with your support!

Our movement has just launched and we would like London Art College students to join us to be part of our movement and contribute your amazing creative ideas and humour to help grow our movement and spread our life-saving message!

If you think you would be up for creating or drawing something that will get people talking and laughing, then we would love to hear about it. We are open to any style and creation that you may chose.

We will simply ask you to upload it to your own social media pages with the phrase ‘I’m #Feelingnuts’.

Below is a link to an animation with Ant & Dec, two of many massive names behind this movement!

password: alivecheck12
The text below can be posted on your blogs….

As you know, the best way to break this tireless taboo of guys keeping their nuts in check is through humour and entertainment. We would love you to take your creative gift in the most ball-grabbing, pant-dropping, engaging and boundless way possible in the spirit of #feelingnuts. We say feeling nuts in the literal sense and are you feeling nuts enough to take this message to your community in the most daring and entertaining way possible!

Here are a few areas we love you to be part of:

First up, and which we are desperately in need of, are the Knackertorials. As some light reading and to help steer the creativity for this part, here is a tutorial which is 6 very simple messages of keeping your nuts in check which we have coined as the ‘Knackertorials’. If guys were positively empowered with this knowledge and had the confidence to check and deal with any irregularities then no man would ever have to go through the needless suffering:

1. Examine each testicle once a month after a warm shower or bath as the scrotum (the skin that covers the testicles), is most relaxed then, which makes it easier to examine them.

2. Roll the testicle gently between the thumbs and fingers — you shouldn’t feel any pain when doing the exam.

3. Don’t be alarmed if one testicle seems slightly larger than the other, that’s normal.

4. Find the epididymis, the soft, tubelike structure behind the testicle that collects and carries sperm. If you are familiar with this structure, you won’t mistake it for a suspicious lump. Cancerous lumps usually are found on the sides of the testicle but can also show up on the front.

5. When examining each testicle, feel for any lumps or bumps along the front or sides. Lumps may be as small as a grain of rice or a pea.

6. If you notice any swelling, lumps, or changes in the size or colour of a testicle, or if you have any pain or achy areas in your groin, let your doctor know right away and ask for a blood test and a scan as it’s the ONLY way they can tell if it is or isn’t cancer.

We would love you to create funny illustrations or explanations of these six very simple steps. Maybe you could convey one or all of them in a fun hilarious memorable way so we can feature your interpretation of them permanently on our website? Try to think beyond merely depicting a cock and balls or parroting the instructions back verbatim. Then again we don’t want to dictate what you do. Then again we don’t want to dictate what you do.

Another area you could tackle (no pun intended) is what you name your balls. We’re looking for everyone and anyone to christen their coconuts and explain their choice. For example, ‘I call mine ‘Simon Cowell’ because they’ve had the same haircut for years’; ‘I call mine ‘Abba’ because they were big in the 70s’; ‘I call mine ‘Daft Punk’ because only a handful of people have seen them’. I guess you get the idea.
3. I DO IT….
Declare where and when do you “do it” – this is perceived as a naughty confession. However what we really mean is where you check yourself but we won’t reveal this to the public until much later. Make your answer as creative and funny as you can – as far as other people know, you’re talking about something much ruder…

How about these as a guideline: ’I do it in my mother in law’s conservatory’; ‘I do it in front of my mates’; ‘I do it in the library’; ‘I do it on the bus’.

Grab your crotch, grab people’s attention. What’s the most daring situation or interesting location you can do or draw one?

Our broadest area for material however is something that embodies our phrase ‘I’m #feelingnuts’. Take our #feelingnuts message to your community in the most daring and entertaining way possible (any online content put on channels tagged with #feelingnuts will be collated for our website which launches very soon). What’s the most outlandish thing you can create, do, or encourage others to do in public in the name of the good cause? Can you organise a flash mob or streak in the streets? Can you be daring and unexpected? What could you do to create shock or laughter? Who will be more daring, how far can people be pushed, and how is the ante raised? That is really up to you.

As I say, you have free choice – you can do as much or as little as you please. We don’t want to limit your imagination.

With all creative content, we will ask for you to upload it to your social media network with the hashtag #feelingnuts with the aim of getting as much traction as we can for your creative interpretation of this life-saving message.

If you have any questions, contact brendan@check12.org.

Metropolis Studios looking for artists to help…

We have a request from Metropolis Studios who are looking for artists and designers to work with them on their next project.  If any of our students are the successful applicant let us know! As always the London Art College is not affiliated with this offer and students enter at their own risks.


Please email muk@thisismetropolis.com for further details or visit their website here – http://www.thisismetropolis.com/

Sandra Eve – Artistic Bee!

Sandra Eve emailed when she saw our post on Facebook for students past and present to get in contact with their favourite piece of artwork that they had created during their course. Sandra’s post and artwork is below, isn’t the artwork fantastic! Thank you Sandra for sharing this with us and allowing us to post it here. You can also visit Sandra’s website to see more of her artwork here – www.artisticbee.co.uk


I am a past student from 2012/2013. I studied on the Pet Portrait Diploma and I enclose my favourite practice piece from this course. This was not one of my tutor marked drawings but came out so well it now adorns my business cards.

His name is Barney and he is drawn in coloured pencils. I have fond memories of this dog as he used to make my children throw a ball for him when his owners came to visit.

He is much missed by his owners and all who knew him.

Sandra Eve


Jenny’s comic……

Jenny Drew recently completed our Cartooning Diploma course with John Byrne and is now studying the Digital Illustration course with Spencer Hill.

Jenny recently ran a workshop with a group of young carers – young people who live with or who are caring for someone with a long term disability or illness. Jenny felt that she wanted to combine what she had learnt from the cartooning course and integrate this project with her first assignment from the Digital illustration course. So with the young carers, the idea was to help them to come up with a fictional story about a young carer that Jenny could make into a comic to use to raise awareness and understanding about Mental Health.

You can read more about Jenny’s workshop and see the comic in its entirety on her blog here >>


Karen’s Paintings….

Karen Robinson responded to our Facebook post request for students, past and present, to get in touch to send us a favourite painting they have done. Since completing her Diploma course Karen has created a very successful business and I hope you enjoy reading her story and viewing all of her websites linked below!


I was a student on the Pet Portrait Diploma Course in mid-2012 and credit this experience with enabling me to recover, or re-discover, my artistic confidence after a long time of life getting in the way.It also started me on what I now realise will be a lifelong journey of learning and discovery.

My passion is oil painting. I love to paint animals, but I am also trying to teach myself how to paint portraits. My goal is to offer paintings of people and their pets together, as I now have my own pet portrait business and paint to commission.

Whether I have commissions or not, I paint every day and sell those “daily paintings” in the USA; I have a map of the USA in my studio and flag each sale; I hope to have art in every state in the US one day!

My main goal always is to get better and to create a little magic with paint. This painting was done for your course. It is acrylic on heavyweight cotton rag. The reference photo for it is in the College reference e-library.

Karen Robinson

Website – www.petportraitsbykaren.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/petportraitsbykaren
Blog – www.dogandpetpaintings.blogspot.co.uk
Daily paintings – www.dailypaintworks.com/artists/karen-robinson-3549/artwork



Yvonne’s Painting – ‘The River Awakens’

We asked students on our Facebook page if anyone would like to be featured on our blog with a favourite piece of work they had completed during their course. We have received some lovely feedback from the Facebook post and this is our first student to email! If you would like to be featured here, drop us a line at techsupport@londonartcollege.co.uk


I studied the Watercolour Diploma with Jan Nesbitt finishing a few months ago with a distinction. The painting here is one of my final pieces.The title of it is ‘The River Awakens’ and it was inspired by the very spiritual morning ceremony on the Ganges in Varanasi.

Many of my paintings are inspired by my travels or the natural world around where I live in Ireland. I painted a lot as a child and young adult but then took a 35 year break coming back to it around three or four years ago.

You can see some of my work on www.facebook.com/yvonneryvesart

Yvonne Ryves



UKCPS exhibition piece by student…

Julie Ann has emailed to let us know about the UKCPS exhibition – read more below!
If you’re on holiday this month in Cornwall, Devon or Somerset between 16-28 June, why not pay a visit to the Ilminster Art Centre at the Meeting House

In this very first UKCPS Regional Exhibition, you’ll find my exhibit, “Distracted”.

About Me

Following successful completion of a number of London Art College courses, 2014 is proving to be an exciting year so far. My work has appeared in Ann Kullberg’s “CP Hidden Treasures” publication, a still life exhibit in the RBSA Gallery in Birmingham, a wildlife painting in the Artist and Leisure Painter Magazine’s Open Art Exhibition at Patchings Art Centre in Nottingham and now this, my first ever entry in the Ilminster Regional Exhibition. Although I don’t have a website, please feel free to friend invite me on Facebook >>

About Distracted

Having a keen interest in portraiture, I wanted to create something imaginative with abstraction and a “cubist” feel about it. My husband’s reflection in the bathroom cabinet mirror became my reference subject and although I didn’t have time to render the image onto canvas, this simple prototype of Coloursoft on Derwent board is hopefully the concept of a future triptych idea.

Julie Ann Maguire