We asked on our Facebook page  if students would write to us with their favourite piece created while working on their course to date. Dawn has emailed us with a beautiful illustration of a Fox and a Bird. I hope it inspires all of our readers!


I have been studying the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma. I am now half way through and am really enjoying it. The attached illustration is one I did as part of the process of working on the cow and bird submission pieces, which looks at drawing an animal and its relationship with a little bird.

I have found this course has really increased my confidence in all aspects of my illustration and painting work and has allowed me to start incorporating my passion for landscape painting into my illustration work. This illustration is a good example of how I have been combining my acrylic landscapes with my illustration characters, something which I am continuing to do now I am working on my final cow and bird submission piece.
I have been an acrylic landscape painter for many years and run acrylic workshops for my local art club so I have naturally leaned towards acrylics as a medium for my illustration work. This piece using acrylic paints on watercolour paper. I was using this piece to practise a soft finish ready for my cow and bird piece.
Dawn Treacher


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