Ruth Bains Live Project for Graphic Design Diploma

Ruth Bain’s designs for the logo brief in the Graphic Design Diploma course was a live brief and she has given the approval for us to use it on our blog.

The final client choice can be seen in the business card in the first image below. The other ideas you can see here are ‘Inspiration and ideas’ which Ruth worked through to get to the final design.

Congratulations Ruth on a superb set of artwork and no doubt very happy clients!






1 thought on “Ruth Bains Live Project for Graphic Design Diploma

  1. Thank you Ruth for this visual feast of logo design. I love the way you were inspired by the 3D neon showground lettering. You produced a broad range of ideas, which is often the case in graphics (clients want to see a variety of conceptual routes). Your work is delightful and will be extremely valuable for other LAC students to view. Thanks also to your client for allowing us to showcase the work here. Keep up the fantastic progress you are making!


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