New Botanical Diploma Tutor….

We would like to officially welcome Gaynor Dickeson to our team of London Art College tutors. Gaynor will be teaching all new students who enrol for the Botanical Diploma Course from today. Gaynor is an extremely experienced artist and teacher and if you would like to read more about her and view some of her beautiful botanical work, visit Gaynors ‘about me’ page on our website Gaynor Dickeson >>

Don’t forget if you would like to study Botanical Painting with Gaynor why not take advantage of the special offer we are running for a limited period. You can get 10% off the Botanical Painting Diploma Course, take a look at our website for full details 10% off Botanical Diploma Course >>




4 thoughts on “New Botanical Diploma Tutor….

  1. I’m thinking about joining the botanical course but I’m not a very good drawer , I am a watercolour artist and I do paint flowers but I trace them on to my water colour paper first, I am learning to paint the botanical way through books but I would love to just draw the flowers and plants with out tracing them. If I joined the course would I be wasting my time and money .

  2. Hi,

    I think its all down to how well you draw and how much you understand the fundamentals of basic drawing from life, light, shade, tonal ranges etc. Every artists needs to be able to draw, its imperative. Once you have grasped the basics without tracing you can then put your knowledge to specialising in specific subjects.

    My advice would be to do a few drawings form life of things around your home, even things in the kitchen from an apple or pepper (very botanical!) and shade them to create a three dimensional object showing light, shade, texture and form. if you feel you are happy with this then try the botanical course. if you are struggling, you could do the learn to draw course first and then follow with the botanical.

    If you need any further advice don’t hesitate to email or telephone the college direct on any weekday.


  3. Just started the botanical course need to start my first assignment .would this be on layout or scrapbook is a4 ok or isit to small? With your experience what is the best way to send my work in?
    Many thanks
    Linda levy

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