Graphic Design Student passes with Distinctions…

Rachel Carpenter has just completed the Graphic Design Art Diploma and has passed with flying colours gaining a distinction. One of her final pieces is shown below. We have also included Rachel’s text which accompanied her work submitted to tutor Vanessa Weaver, as it explains a little about how Rachel got on with her final set. We wish Rachel the best of luck in her future art career.


Can I just take a moment to thank you Vanessa, for your support and encouragement. I have really enjoyed taking this course, and am sorry to see it come to an end!

I decided to try something different again for my final module, and experiment with collage and paper cutting techniques. I decided on an Amazon rainforest theme for my travel poster, thinking that the bright colours and textures of exotic plants and animals would lend themselves well to coloured paper.

My mood board contained a variety of photos of rainforest animals and plants, a selection of samples of different coloured papers, some examples of interesting work from other artists who have produced illustrations using paper cutting techniques (for inspiration), some initial sketches of animals and some experiments of twisted and fringe cut paper to see different textures. I included some draft roughs showing how I decided on my final design, and a photo of my final illustration for the poster.



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  1. Lovely technique, composition, and colour balance Rachel

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