A students Amazing Story…..

Lisa Watkins is currently studying our Pet Portrait Diploma Course and one of the exercises in the course took her on an amazing journey travelling all the way to to Romania…..It has been published in the magazine coloredpencilstudent.com and we are very honoured to be able to share it with you here. We won’t give any more of the story away – read it for yourselves. Absolutely astonishing!

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Danette and the Illustrate It Competition….

Danette Byatt is currently studying our Illustrating Children’s books Follow on Course, however has taken some time out to enter into the Illustrate It Competition. Danette has written a little about how she came up with the ideas for her entry which you can see below. We wish Danette all the best in this competition along with anyone else who is entering!
I’m currently working through the follow-on course to Children’s Illustration and took a short break from the coursework to complete an entry for the Illustrate It 2013 competition. It was a lot of fun and I’m happy with the result.

My dream is to illustrate a children’s book, and now I just need enough votes to get me in the top 3 to possibly make that dream become reality, then its up to the judges. I’d so very much appreciate it if you would share this for me to generate a bit of an awareness, and it might even get me a vote or two 🙂

The background on the competition is that Monsieur Odyssey wrote a children’s story called ‘The Lucky Book’ and he is looking to find an illustrator, and once complete he will then self-publish. Voting has commenced and the 3 with the most votes will be judged by Monsieur Odyssey, along with a judging panel.

To give you some idea about my concept, I view the story as having 3 distinct sections and I chose colour to differentiate Stanley’s “journey”. At first, Stanley feels unremarkable. In this part, its simply just black & white.
The middle ‘section’ his luck starts changing, and little pops of colour start to appear. I choose yellow, orange plus red / orange as fits well with his lucky book and I felt he simply just must have curly ginger hair! Finally, Stanley’s epiphany – and BAM! full bright, happy colours throughout.

This supports the story’s optimistic message and I love the retro feel it gives with the use of soft pencil crayons. If I were to win, I would finish the book by having the cover appear as if it’s the very same lucky book in the story giving the child hope s/he can also be ‘lucky’ and confident in what they set out to accomplish.

I also carried good underlying messages in the imagery – including all children wearing safety googles in science class and cake that wasn’t served in a school’s cafeteria – I wouldn’t want that unhealthy message going to a child (Jamie Oliver would approve!). For me, it’s the fine details in the illustration that pulls it all together and captures a child’s imagination while gently teaching good values.

The direct link to vote for my entry can be found here >> Please vote for me! Thank-you so very much in advance! I really appreciate it.

Danette Byatt

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Logo wanted….

We have received a lovely email from an up and coming band called Alfee. They are looking for a new logo and wondered if any of our students would like to give the design a go. There are sound clips to hear the girls singing below and you can also see them singing and introducing themselves on their Facebook page too – links to their website and Facebook page below. Good luck and if any of our students are successful please do let us know. Don’t forget the London Art College aren’t affiliated with Alfee in any way.


My name is Scarlett and I am a quarter of the London based girl group ALFEE. We are currently looking for someone to help design our new logo!

We are looking for a specific design, something fresh and contemporary and would be a great opportunity for new designers to get some exposure. We have over eleven thousand followers on twitter and a large Facebook following so the winning design will get some significant real world visibility.

We have a photo shoot scheduled the 12th of July which will be the next step in helping set up our new website. Obviously the logo will be one of the most important factors for the new website so we need it to be strong and powerful. Being four girls we want the logo to be striking, urban and gritty. The brief is to work with the word Alfee and push the design as far as it can go. We are open to the idea of using monochrome more so than colour.

A bit of background info on us…
As a band we have worked hard to create a sound in which we feel passionate about. Our music is fresh with an old skool RnB feel and a blend of pure harmonies. We love to capture a laid back, 90’s nostalgia, girl power sort of image to match our sound (Perhaps a good example would be a current ‘All Saints’) We love the oversized printed tee’s with big chains, snapbacks and heels, keeping things sexy and laid back. We work closely with ‘House of Treli’ and ‘Celeb Boutique’ and have just finished writing a track for an advert soon to be released!

We have been working closely with a producer at Abbey Road studios creating tracks for our upcoming album, along side many others, including the well known Elliot Kennedy who was the hit producer for the Spice Girls. We also have a publishing deal with Sony.
The four of us are brand ambassadors for a fantastic charity called Body Gossip along with several other fantastic names such as, Gok Wan, Tina Obrien and Zarah Abrahams.

Below, we have attached the link to our soundcloud so you can have a sneak preview of some of our tracks!
If you need any other details in regards to the band, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Scarlett and ALFEE xx


Soundcloud Link 1..https://soundcloud.com/alfee-1/sunshine-prod-by-skripture/s-CxmjD
Soundcloud Link 2..https://soundcloud.com/alfee-1/alfee-work-1/s-meFyz
Soundcloud Link 3..https://soundcloud.com/alfee-1/red-lipstick-final-prod-by/s-V5aSY

UKCPS 12th Open International Exhibition

We have received some information about the exhibition at Patchings and the UKCPS workshops that are being held in September. If any of our students attend, take some photos and let us know how you got on! We hope you enjoy it, I know it will be a very popular event!


In conjunction with their 12th Open International Exhibition 2013 at Patchings Art Centre in Nottingham, the UK Coloured Pencil Society is supporting a series of workshops in coloured pencil techniques. Students taking the Coloured Pencil certificate with London Art College would be most welcome to participate or visit Patchings between 1st September and 6th October 2013 to experience some of the fine work that the membership produces.
Please see details below.


NEW!! Digital Illustration Diploma Course

We are pleased to announce that we are rolling out a brand new course for studnets to enroll on from today! – Digital Illustration Diploma Course tutored by Spencer Hill.

The course will show students how to make the move from traditional media to digital and as with any form of art you are only restricted by your imagination and your tools and our course is designed to get you started.

We major on bitmaps including making marks, using colour, transforming your images and drawing shapes and lines.  We talk about converting your line art from traditional to digital and using layers and also introduce vectors and explain how to convert your bitmap art to vector format should you need to in the future.

Spencer Hill said …”I’m excited about all the amazing things you are about to try out and it is brilliant that I get the opportunity to introduce you to drawing digitally”.

Mainly self-taught Spencer works entirely digitally and his enthusiasm for this form of art and desire to share his knowledge brought him to our college as  our digital Illustration tutor. Spencer has written and illustrated the course and we can already see that it will be one of our most popular courses. To read more about the course please visit Digital Illustration Diploma Course  >>  and don’t forget you can get 10% off with our summer special offer. Visit our prices page for details.


Graphic Design Student passes with Distinctions…

Rachel Carpenter has just completed the Graphic Design Art Diploma and has passed with flying colours gaining a distinction. One of her final pieces is shown below. We have also included Rachel’s text which accompanied her work submitted to tutor Vanessa Weaver, as it explains a little about how Rachel got on with her final set. We wish Rachel the best of luck in her future art career.


Can I just take a moment to thank you Vanessa, for your support and encouragement. I have really enjoyed taking this course, and am sorry to see it come to an end!

I decided to try something different again for my final module, and experiment with collage and paper cutting techniques. I decided on an Amazon rainforest theme for my travel poster, thinking that the bright colours and textures of exotic plants and animals would lend themselves well to coloured paper.

My mood board contained a variety of photos of rainforest animals and plants, a selection of samples of different coloured papers, some examples of interesting work from other artists who have produced illustrations using paper cutting techniques (for inspiration), some initial sketches of animals and some experiments of twisted and fringe cut paper to see different textures. I included some draft roughs showing how I decided on my final design, and a photo of my final illustration for the poster.



New Botanical Diploma Tutor….

We would like to officially welcome Gaynor Dickeson to our team of London Art College tutors. Gaynor will be teaching all new students who enrol for the Botanical Diploma Course from today. Gaynor is an extremely experienced artist and teacher and if you would like to read more about her and view some of her beautiful botanical work, visit Gaynors ‘about me’ page on our website Gaynor Dickeson >>

Don’t forget if you would like to study Botanical Painting with Gaynor why not take advantage of the special offer we are running for a limited period. You can get 10% off the Botanical Painting Diploma Course, take a look at our website for full details 10% off Botanical Diploma Course >>




Inspiration for our Illustrating Children’s Books Students…

Monday’s interactive google doodle shows characters from Where the Wild Things Are, which is a 1963 children’s picture book by American writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak, who would have turned 85 on Monday 10th of June. The book tells the story of a boy called Max whose imagination takes him on a wild journey wrestling monsters in a far-off land before returning to his bedroom to find his supper waiting for him.

The doodle is an animation of the illustrations from this book and we think it has been done superbly, definitely an inspiration for our students who are completing our Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma. We have added a screen capture of Googles home page along with a You Tube video of the animation.


Perspective Task….

Lisa, a current student just starting out on the Drawing and Painting Diploma course has completed one of her first exercises. She has asked if we can blog the artwork just in case other students have any advice for her. If you would like to comment please do so.

One of the best place for students to share their artwork is on our student forum and if any of our students reading this haven’t been there already, why not pop along. You can register at any time with your own login details and say hi in our new member area. Everyone is always very nice and friendly so there’s no need to be shy! Hope to see you all there!



10% Discount on all Diploma courses….

‘Summer Offer’ – 10% off all diploma courses paid in full!

If you have been considering learning a new skill, or you are nearing completion of a course, wondering what to do next…now is your chance to purchase any of our diploma courses with a 10% discount.

The most popular course we provide is our Drawing and Painting Diploma. Have a bit of fun with Paul Weaver and learn everything you need to know to get you started in drawing and painting.

if you fancy doing something a little more specialised, what about painting the beautiful intricate details of flowers this summer from your own garden? The botanical Diploma would be just for you! What about learning a new medium like Watercolour or have a change of career and study to be a cartoonist or a graphic designer.

If you fancy doing a bit of exploring with your camera this summer you could try your hand at our photography diploma course, no expensive equipments needed, just a regular camera will do. If you are going out and about this summer, take your sketchbook and learn how to paint and draw landscapes – or your how to draw your pet in our pet portraits diploma.

Finally if you would like to brush up your skills on your art history, why not study the likes of Leonardo DaVinci to Banksy in our our History of art Diploma.

There’s plenty of choice for everyone and we hope you enjoy your artistic journey with us. Visit our website to read more about the course or click the link below to take you to our course prices page..