Students work in progress…..

Debi has allowed us to post an in progress photo of her artwork here on the blog. Debi posted this on the forum and I just loved her painting with all the paints and brushes. If you have any ‘in progress’ photos of your work or you are able to take any, why not email them to us for inclusion on our blog and website. You can send them to at any time!


Graphic Design Poster Artwork

Vanessa has emailed me a lovely piece of student artwork today which I thought would make a perfect blog post. Vanessa has written about it below. Congratulations to this student for a fantastic poster!

This work is of a good standard and the student has really understood the requirement of the brief. Some students prefer to do this work on a computer, but they learn a lot more by (painstakingly) drawing it out by hand. It gives such a better understanding of font design, letter, word and line spacing, etc. Obviously in the design industry it is a skill that is rarely used, but when one is learning the art of designing with type it can be a valuable stepping stone, building so much more awareness that can be applied to designing on screen at a later date.

Vanessa Weaver – Graphic Design in Art Diploma Course


Christine’s New Website….

We have featured artwork from Christine Towndrow within the last month, she has already completed our Cartooning Diploma and our Graphic Design Diploma with flying colours. She is now studying our Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma with Maggy Roberts.

Christine has just created a website for her work and wanted to let our students know how she went about the process as she found it extremely easy to set up.  She hoped her experiences would help other students who don’t have a website get themselves online to showcase their own work. We love what Christine has achieved and we are looking forward to seeing her illustration artwork in the coming months.


I just wanted to show you my new website! It’s made using which is free for a basic site (which mine is) but can be upgraded to get other features at a small charge per month. It was very easy to put together, even non techies would find it easy!

You can choose the really simple route which is to have weebly in the name of your site e.g., then you don’t even have to register a domain name, but I decided to go through ‘Go Daddy’ (there are other providers too) and buy the domain

Putting the site together is like using a cut and paste system with really clear icons to choose from such as ‘paragraph’, ‘photo gallery’, ‘contact form’ etc. which you drag into place on the page. There are also lots of templates you can use for different looks to your site although I didn’t use one in the end and just used a blank page and took it from there.

I’m not rushing into trying to get traffic to the site that much until I’ve finished the children’s illustration course which I’ve started now. I’m really enjoying it. But I’m glad to have the portfolio up and ready so to speak and any interest I do get would be a bonus of course.

I hope my experiences can help other students.



Botanical Painting Diploma – Tutor Required

Botanical Painting Diploma Tutor Required

UK applicants only – Closing date for application 24th May

We have an opening for a tutor to take over the running of our long established and very popular Botanical Painting Diploma distance learning art course. The post requires a few hours per week in tutoring, which will start gradually as you take over the new enrollees. Applicants will be require to –

  • Have considerable experience in Botanical Painting.
  • Have a good overall standard of drawing and painting.
  • Be familiar with the mediums Watercolour, Pencil and Pen and Ink.
  • Have teaching experience, ideally with an appropriate qualification.
  • Have good knowledge of computer skills.

Application – Stage 1
If you are interested please email with the following…..

  • Info about yourself, along with links to your website, facebook, etc… where applicable.
  • Information on your teaching experiences, education.
  • Whether you have a full / part time job or work as an artist full / part time.
  • A few high res examples of your artwork.

Application – Stage 2
The successful applicants in round two will be will be asked to produce a critique from a batch of student artwork from the course (a sample submission) within an allocated time. An excerpt of a previous students critique will be given to each applicant to show what we are looking for.

This can be emailed as a word document or a PDF along with the length of time the critique took you to write.

Any questions please email

Get your drawings on TV……

We have received an email from Joe Williams telling us about a new game show that he’s helping to create for the UK tv station Channel 4. Have a read below and if you are interested contact him direct. As always the college is no way affiliated with this competition. Have fun!


I’m working for a production company called Victory Television, and we’ve started production on Draw It!, a new Channel 4 game show based on the smartphone app Draw Something. Essentially a digital version of Pictionary. For one of the rounds, we’re looking for artist submissions. If selected, the drawings would appear on the show and the artists would be credited either verbally or visually.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a fee for these submissions, but it should be a fun way to get your name and work on TV. We have had some amazing drawings in so far and I hope this is something that your teachers and students might be interested in.

To send us a drawing, you just play a game against our account on Draw Something. We can then capture it and save it as a video. It will be used in a buzzer round, so the contestants have to guess the picture as it is being drawn. The app tracks your pen movements, so we can then capture your drawing as a video. We then speed it up to reveal on screen over 30 seconds.

We obviously can’t expect you to spend ages on the drawings, typical submissions are 5-20 mins, but the more detailed and complex the better. The standard of submissions so far has been pretty high. You also don’t have to draw the clue provided by the App. You can draw whatever word you like, so long as it is not a copyrighted image.

If anyone wants to submit a drawing, get them to send me an email ( and I can provide them with a username to play against. I’d recommend that anyone interested sends us an e-mail by the end of this week

If you need any more info, don’t hesitate to get in touch

Joe Williams

Walking the dog…….

One of our illustrating Children’s books students, Lucy, tackled the walking the dog exercise so well, I asked if she could explain how she came up with her designs for our blog. As you can see below, her preparation drawings and final piece is excellent. I hope you find it inspiring!


For the walking animal exercise I decided that it would help to draw an animal that I was not confident at drawing and one of those animals is  a dog. I also thought that dogs are popular in children’s books so would be the most handy to have practised.  As I don’t have a dog of my own I also didn’t have a very good understanding of how they walked and acted so was good to look into this.

I chose to draw a Cocker Spaniel dog just because I like them =D I did try to draw a Westie but found them too difficult to not make it look like an old dog who looks like he has a moustache. To start off I gathered pictures from the internet to draw from and drew some quick sketches on the computer. This helped me understand their body shape.


I then did some research on how they moved including going to the beach and doing a little bit of dog watching =D This helped to understand which leg moved at what time or with which leg, this was sometimes tricky to spot! I looked at how they walk as well as how they run and then drew some quick sketches from what I had seen.




From drawing all of these images I started to see a personality appear. The final colour image I wanted to be a little comical as he is quite cartoony in style, so had him in a creeping, balancing pose on the wall following the bird.