Christine’s New Website….

We have featured artwork from Christine Towndrow within the last month, she has already completed our Cartooning Diploma and our Graphic Design Diploma with flying colours. She is now studying our Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma with Maggy Roberts.

Christine has just created a website for her work and wanted to let our students know how she went about the process as she found it extremely easy to set up.  She hoped her experiences would help other students who don’t have a website get themselves online to showcase their own work. We love what Christine has achieved and we are looking forward to seeing her illustration artwork in the coming months.


I just wanted to show you my new website! It’s made using which is free for a basic site (which mine is) but can be upgraded to get other features at a small charge per month. It was very easy to put together, even non techies would find it easy!

You can choose the really simple route which is to have weebly in the name of your site e.g., then you don’t even have to register a domain name, but I decided to go through ‘Go Daddy’ (there are other providers too) and buy the domain

Putting the site together is like using a cut and paste system with really clear icons to choose from such as ‘paragraph’, ‘photo gallery’, ‘contact form’ etc. which you drag into place on the page. There are also lots of templates you can use for different looks to your site although I didn’t use one in the end and just used a blank page and took it from there.

I’m not rushing into trying to get traffic to the site that much until I’ve finished the children’s illustration course which I’ve started now. I’m really enjoying it. But I’m glad to have the portfolio up and ready so to speak and any interest I do get would be a bonus of course.

I hope my experiences can help other students.



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