What a wonderful and inspiring story, written by Lynn, who has just passed the Illustrating Children’s Books Diploma Course with Distinctions. We hope Lynn enjoys the extension course with Maggy and we wish her the very best of luck with her future illustrations!


My name is Lynn Steed and I currently live in South Africa with my husband and two children. I have always loved art but never considered myself good enough to do it as a career, so back in my home country of the UK I worked as a primary school teacher. However 7 years ago my husband’s work took us to Amsterdam. Two gorgeous children later, I found myself with time on my hands and a genuine desire to paint again, so I signed up for oil painting classes, gave it a go, and really enjoyed it.

After another move, to South Africa, I decided to try my hand at children’s illustration, as I love picture books and have many ideas for my own stories buzzing around in my head. When I found this course online I was elated and joined up immediately. I have loved every second!!

The harshest critics of my illustrations are my kids, but I love them for it! They tell me exactly what they think with no consideration for my feelings…so I know that if they think something is good then I must be on the right track.

“The Cow Who Found A Friend” illustration was inspired by a game drive I went on here, in South Africa. I saw a buffalo with lots of tiny bright red birds all over his back picking off the bugs.  They looked very content in each other’s company, and there was a brilliant contrast in scale between the two animals. I wanted to try watercolour with collage so used a range of complementing patterns and colours to build up the buffalo’s features, using many layers. I hope that they look like the good friends I saw out in the bush!

So what next, now that I have completed this illustration course?……..We are moving abroad again, but when we are settled I am determined to continue my own journey in art. I have recently sold some of my oil paintings, and I have finally put pen to paper with my own stories, which I would like to illustrate. I am signing up for the extension illustration course at London Art College as soon as I have unpacked in my new home! Who knows where this will all lead but thanks to The London Art College I am finally finding the confidence to give it a go and have been enjoying the process every step of the way.

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  1. Hi Lyn,
    I love the picture of your cow. Well done, your story is inspiring to me and spurs me on to continue in my pursuit in art. I have been considering the London Art College to compliment my current work with portraiture and possibly later on children book illustrating as like you I love Children’s books. Thanks and all the best with your career.

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