The new Photography Diploma Course is now open for enrollment! Working with a college that is dedicated to and understands what being creative means, can only widen your horizons!

The Photography Diploma course offers support as you learn the basics of photography and how to get the best from your camera. Access to a DSLR will allow you to get the most from the course, but any camera where full control e.g. manual control is selectable will be suitable. If you are not sure whether your camera is right for the course, please ask. Unfortunately, as manufacturers strive to make cameras, especially DSLRs, more user-friendly, they only manage to make them increasingly complicated – they don’t need to be!

If you are motivated and can organise some quiet study time, this beginner’s course, in four sections, will help you understand your camera and all the basic techniques, as well as the slightly more advanced ones. Fun but well-designed assignments are used to improve your skills and allow you to demonstrate your abilities and creativity without the restraints of academic (and, to be honest, rather boring) regulated qualifications!

Rona Cox, your tutor, looks forward to being able to welcome and work with you soon and help you to enjoy this wonderful (but sometimes frustrating) subject where art and science combine.

Written by Rona Cox
Photography Diploma Course Tutor

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